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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Facebook

Comscore have just released their latest report “The 2010 Digital Year In Review” and it makes interesting reading and it answers many questions including

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  • How are people spending their digital media consumption time?
  • What new and emerging technologies and services are capturing the attention of the market place?

So what do the insights and numbers reveal about Facebook in this report?

1. Facebook Took the lead on Engagement

Facebook now accounts 12.3% of all time online (this is up from 7.2% a year ago representing an increase of nearly 71%)

2. Facebook’s US Audience Grew To 153.9 Million in in December (up 38%)

5 Things You Didn't Know About Facebook

3. Facebook Accounted For 10% of all US Page views

4. Three out of ten Internet sessions included a visit to the Facebook site

This statistic shows that every time someone uses a computer 30% of them go to the Facebook site

5. Facebook Is Now The 4th Most Visited Web Property

This means it is reaching nearly 3 out of  every 4 Internet users each month

6. Total Time Spent On Facebook Surged To 49.4 billion Minutes

7. Facebook Demographic Profile Shows The Largest Audience  Share Is 18-34 Year olds at 40.3%

5 Things You Didn't Know About Facebook

8. Facebook.com delivered the most display ads with more than 1 trillion ads

This set an all-time record for ads delivered and the first to eclipse the 1 trillion ad threshold. Yahoo! Sites, last year’s top display ad publisher, ranked second with 529.4 billion ads

Comscore’s take on what this means for businesses.

2010 represented yet another huge year for social media, and it can safely be assumed that 2011 will see a continuation of this trend. Businesses that have no social media presence in 2011 are likely to be left behind; however, social media may not necessarily be worth significant investment for every company or brand. To promote your product or brand through social media or to use it as a means of obtaining customer feedback, it is important to understand how consumers may (or may not) use the medium. Every brand should, at a minimum be listening to what consumers are saying and most should probably engage directly with them. Developing more advanced social media tools should be a function of whether or not your customers are likely to be strong brand ambassadors or not. It should also be noted that (mainly due to Facebook) social networking sites now account for more than one-third of all display ads delivered online, while Twitter expects to become a bigger player on the advertising stage with “promoted tweets” in 2011. Social media ads often tend to be priced lower than many other display ads across the web, which can mean the opportunity for very cost-effective advertising that can reach tens of millions of consumers.”

What does this mean to you as a marketer, blogger and business owner?

Don’t ignore Facebook in your digital presence and marketing because if you are your missing a lot of eyeballs and marketing opportunities.

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