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Agorapulse Review: How I Publish 3,600 Tweets a Month Without Lifting a Finger

Agorapulse Review - How I Publish 3,600 Tweets a Month Without Lifting a Finger

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42% of the world’s population actively uses social media, with over half of these individuals researching products on social platforms.

For small, medium, or large businesses… social media is a big deal.

But the way we interact and engage on social platforms has changed rapidly in recent years. The speed of content distribution has increased, the attention spans of your customers have diminished, and their expectations for a real-time response have reached unprecedented heights.

Put simply, the average social media manager is juggling dozens of priorities, tasks, and initiatives, all of which add up to something stressful and overwhelming at times.

The answer?

Automating as many mundane and repetitive tasks as possible so you create space for the impactful elements of social media marketing.

Enter Agorapulse

(Read on to discover how I publish 3,600 Tweets a month without lifting a finger)

What is Agorapulse?

Agorapulse review image 1

Agorapulse is an all-in-one social media management app that we use here at JeffBullas.com to handle social media content distribution, automation, scheduling, community engagement, and analytics tracking.

Yep, it actually does all of those things extremely well!

For its price, it is by far the most feature-packed option on the market.

Agorapulse lets you schedule content for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn all in one place. It also has dynamic reports and bonus features such as running social promotions and managing your social media inbox.

Leaving all of this grunt work to technology enables us to focus our brain capacity and creative thinking time on the business-critical components of social media; such as creating great content, listening and engaging with our audience, and strategizing the future.

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My favorite Agorapulse features

Here are some of my favorite Agorapulse features:

Evergreen publishing

Wondering how I schedule 3,600 Tweets a month without lifting a finger?

Let me introduce you to Agorapulse’s evergreen publishing library. This feature publishes content on a pre-determined schedule by dipping into an evergreen library of assets. All of which you can create, categorize, and manage yourself.

Sure, there is a bit of set up required initially, but once you have your categories sorted out, the software does all of the hard work for you.

To use the evergreen publishing feature, start by choosing categories for your content. For example, I have categories for “Blog Posts”, “Promotions”, “Sponsored Content”, and a “General” category. These categories simply act as labels so that you can structure your publishing schedule to only share a certain ratio of content under each category.

Agorapulse review image 2

Once you have chosen your categories, you then need to plan your publishing schedule by choosing timeslots throughout the week and assigning a content category to each of those timeslots.

Agorapulse review image 3

Worried about re-sharing the same content multiple times?

Don’t be. I recycle all of the blog posts from our website all-year-round and still generate almost 200,000 clicks a year and multiple retweets for each share. Just be cognizant of how much you space out your shares so that there is a decent lag time between sharing the same piece of content. Plus, change each tweet so that the tweets themselves are different, even if the content your sharing is the same. If you have all of your posts in a spreadsheet, for example, you can make changes to the text and then bulk upload it to Agorapulse 100 at a time! Once you’ve shared all of your evergreen content, update the text and upload it again.

This feature alone will save you hours and hours every week, not to mention it has the potential to increase your followers and dramatically increase traffic back to your website.

On-the-run scheduling

Of course, not everything I share on social media needs to be published on a strict evergreen schedule empowered by the above feature. For example, I tend to manually schedule Facebook and LinkedIn posts every day. These platforms are less responsive than Twitter when it comes to repetitive content, plus you don’t need to share posts as often.

Agorapulse’s on-the-run scheduling feature allows me to create these standalone posts, see an accurate visual preview of what they will look like, and then schedule them to be posted automatically at an optimal time for engagement.

Agorapulse review image 4

We also use the scheduling feature to promote all new blog posts on Twitter about 5-10 times in the 24 hours following their publication. This gathers momentum and reach for new content before we then add those posts into the evergreen library for future sharing.

Easy-to-understand reporting

Analytics and reporting is a key element of any effective social media marketing strategy. After all, how will you improve if you don’t have accurate data and information about how you are currently performing?

The analytics reporting with Agorapulse is simple enough for any social media manager to understand, but it also provides enough meaning to articulate the value of social media to key stakeholders. Here is a look at the metrics overview and followers graph:

Agorapulse review image 5

You can even generate downloadable CSV and PPT reports of your social media activity. We use these metrics when working with brand partners, but I imagine they would also be extremely helpful for in-house social media managers and agencies who are held accountable for certain outcomes.

Team collaboration

Another one of my favorite Agorapulse features is the intuitive and real-time team collaboration. You can easily invite team members, send posts for approval, assign comments or messages in the social inbox, and essentially get more done at a faster rate.

Agorapulse review image 6

Collaboration is especially important for our team at JeffBullas.com because we have people working remotely in a number of different countries, and are running a range of campaigns at any one time.

Wrapping up

Given the rich list of features that Agorapulse provides, I’m amazed that they can still offer a starting price of as little as $79 a month (paid annually). To think how much it would cost to hire someone to handle all of the tasks this tool can achieve, you’re comfortably getting a 10x or more return on investment.

The scheduling and publishing functionality is easily the best in the market due to the beautiful visual previews and evergreen content library. This alone is worth the price of entry. But when you combine this with team collaboration and easy-to-understand reporting, it really is a compelling narrative for using Agorapulse over the other social media management tools in the market.

Despite a small learning curve required to make the most of all of the Agorapulse features, it’s the tool I use and recommend without an ounce of hesitation.

The cool thing? The team at Agorapulse is always improving its feature set and the user experience of the app, so things will only get better!

Get two months of Agorapulse FREE with the code: bullas2free

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