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How Social Media Helped Avatar Make $1.8 Billion

Social Media is now part of mainstream marketing with Avatar using Facebook,  Myspace and Twitter as part of its $200 Million marketing budget.

The latest numbers on Avatar on Monday the 25th of January 2010 show that it passed Titanic as the largest grossing movie of all time.

This Monday Fox confirmed that Avatar overtook Titanic to become the highest earner at the worldwide box office.

  • Total global receipts have reached $1.858 Billion
  • This is $16 million ahead of the $1.842 Billion earned by Titanic, but Avatar hasn’t finished yet.
  • Next up will be Titanic‘s $600 million domestic record, and $2 billion worldwide. More milestones beckon beyond that
  • Avatar has a shot at topping $750 million at the US box office and $2.5 billion worldwide. James Cameron has been vindicated again.

Avatar on Facebook had

Avatar on MySpace has 796,182 friends

Avatar on Twitter has 24,800 Followers

What I am really proud of though, is that on Twitter I have more followers than Avatar, all I have to do now is make a movie !!