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How To Increase Your Blog’s Email Subscribers by 1,833%

I have recently upgraded my blog and added new features as part of a continual optimization of the platform. Optimizing is a journey and not a destination and adding new features such as Retweet buttonsHow To Increase Your Blogs Subscribers by 1,833% and Facebook share are some of the elements that can make a big difference.

Try these tools and services:

  • Jasper.ai is an AI content tool that ensures your brand's tone is maintained in your content creation.
  • Copymatic can automatically generate content both text and image for your website or blog.
  • Fiverr allows you to find your ideal freelance service effortlessly.
  • SimpleTraffic can drive real visitors to your blog. Try 5 days for free and cancel anytime!

Part of the fun of tweaking the blog is measuring the before and after figures to traffic and subscriber numbers. Different strategies will produce varying degrees of  success and part of the challenge is to implement the options that provide the biggest benefit for the least amount of effort .

In a recent post “How To Increase Your Blog Traffic By 55% with One Button” (shortly after transferring my blog from WordPress.com to a self hosted platform on Hostmonster)  I wrote about how effective a ReTweet button had been by measuring the difference in the blogs traffic before the addition of the feature compared to after.

One of the marketing tools that most blogs and websites use to spread their content and continually market their services is to build up a list of email and RSS subscribers that you use for newsletters, announce special offers and launch new products. Most blogs have a passive feature that is mostly in the right panel near the top of the website that provides a subscribe option for readers. This feature on my blog is powered by Feedburner which is a free service and also provides a RSS subscriber option as well. As a blogger I am always looking at what the top bloggers are doing and trialling as they continue to evolve their blogs and increase their traffic and subscribers.

The latest and so far successful addition I have just added to this blog is an email service provided by Aweber. One of the features of this is that you can provide a ‘Lightbox’ option to your blog once you have setup the service. The Lightbox feature is a fade in box that offers a free eBook or Guide to people for subscribing  to the blog, this can be setup to appear every time someone views a post or page or it can be customized so that it only appears every ‘X’ days ( I currently have it set at 7 days).

To make the strategy effective you will need to offer a free eBook or Guide as part of this feature. So far the email subscription rate on this blog is up by 1,833%!!

What that effectively means is that I am increasing the same number of subscribers in  two days that used to take me one month. It is early days but I think it something worth considering.

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