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How To Send A Power Tweet That Increases Engagement by 400%

The web is a seething mass of people sharing on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and they are monster networks with hundreds of millions of participants that drive billions of shares and tweets.How To Send A Power Tweet That Increases Engagement by 400 percent

It is estimated that every 20 minutes on Facebook, 1 million links are shared and each month 30 billion pieces of content are posted.

On Twitter this hyperactivity continues with 1 billion tweets shared every week.

Underneath these social media giants sits secondary and tertiary social networks and applications that feed off their activity. These platforms provide niche communities with places to play, share and explore in an ever changing landscape of ecosystems that  tempt you with features and tools that are designed to engage you and addict you.

Are You a Hyper Active Social Media Participant?

One of these communities is Empire Avenue that is a marketplace where you can register and then people can buy shares in you, think of it as Wall street but you are investing in people not stocks and bonds. I have played at the fringes of this social network and I asked a friend of mine on Twitter recently, Neal Schaffer how he would describe this community and the answer I think sums it up perfectly

A fringe community of hyper active social media participants

Empire Avenue is growing and I will continue to play at the fringes and keep an eye on its activities because it keeps drawing me back.

But I digress, there is a Twitter tool that it is one of these secondary applications that synergizes, feeds and enhances the Twitter and Blogging ecosystems that promises to make your tweets live longer and as a marketer and a blogger that sounds like something I may be “very” interested in!

How to Make Your Tweets Live Longer

Bloggers and marketers are always trying to harness the power of the hyperactive masses to share their ideas and content and find sharing nirvana where your tweets and links lives longer than 10- 20 seconds.

I was invited recently to participate in a Twitter application which is currently in Beta called Twylah.com that turns your “Tweets” into a landing page. This gives your tweet a longer life than a “normal”  tweet.

This landing page which aggregates your Tweets is created very simply by setting up an account on Twylah.com in several easy steps.

You will notice in the screen shot below how your tweets appear on your Twylah account and are aggregated into one page based on your topics.

It takes my Twitter tweet topics and puts them into categories with links that provide another place Google and search engines will index. It turns Tweets into a website landing page that is organised and very enticing that  includes images from your blog posts links that are included in your Tweet with a link. You can see it has created several topics that I tweet (and write about) including Social Media, Facebook, Twitter and Blogging.

JeffBullas Twylah Home page

The Power Tweet that Increases Engagement by More than 400%

They have added another feature recently that is called a “Power Tweet” where your one “Tweet” also creates its own custom dynamic landing page.

This landing page features your original tweet (whatever text you’ve shared, along with any linked content — video, image, or article excerpt) as well as all of your other related tweets.

Here I have “Power Tweeted”  a post “25 Facebook Marketing Tips to Increase Sales” and it takes you to an excerpt of my post with  tweets that are about the same topic which is Facebook. This provides the reader more Tweets on the topic that can entice them to click through to more of your content.

Jeffbullas Twylah Power Tweet

When it comes to Internet marketing, a good landing page is probably the single most important element of a successful campaign.  Simply put, it’s the page you land on when you click a link.

A Power Tweet provides the optimal landing page experience for your followers – it automatically gives them more of what they want, when they want it.

Why Power Tweet?

It’s simple.
Whereas the typical attention span of a viewer who has clicked on a link in a “regular” tweet is around 10-20 seconds, viewers who click on Power Tweet links spend 3-5 minutes (on average!) engaging with your original tweet and a larger portion of your Twitter content.

According to statistics of my “Power Tweets” my engagement is 4 minutes.

More time with your content = stronger engagement = more likelihood of following you or buying from you.

How do You Power Tweet?

You sign in to Twylah and click “Send Power Tweet” at the top right corner.  You put in your headline with its associated link and you tweet, and the landing page and all links are created automatically.

For greatest impact, they recommend you use this feature for tweets on topics in your key area of interest and expertise — in other words, use a power tweet for topics you want to be known for.

I have  been testing it and I have noticed that it is like having “Twitter on Steroids”.

Is this something that you could use?

To request an invite as it is in Beta currently go to Twylah.com

Image by aaipodpics

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  • Hi Jeff, I’m a big fan of Twylah and I was logging in to set up a Power Tweet when I saw this post in Viggo’s stream. I was thinking to myself “I hope he’s talking about Twylah” so I’m real pleased to find that you are!! I recorded a screencast for it if you want the link, just give me a shout out! Thanks!

    • Thanks for the comment and yes I would like to see your screencast so happy for you to send me the link 🙂

  • Awesome post Jeff. Very helpful!

  • Hi Jeff, great stuff as always!

    You are doing remarkably well for someone on the ‘fringes’ of Empire Avenue. As soon as I saw your name I knew you’d be a good bet!! Social Media activity is something you do plenty off!

    I was told about Twylah recently by Ileane (posted below) and it’s on my to do list!  Thanks to you, it’s moved higher up!!

    All the very best, thanks for the continued inspiration, regards Peter

  • Jeff,

    A really fascinating piece – many thanks for sharing.

    I’m signing up now!

  • Wow, a 4 minute average… I think that’s more time than anyone has looked at our 250+ tweets combined!  Great Article.

    • 4 minutes is stunning. Yet to see stats that back this up though!

  • This looks interesting. Nevertheless, it states that it’ll be able to access my DMs. Is this accurate? Also, how much different is this in comparison to services such as paper.li? Thanks!

  • Tania Verrillo

    What about paper.li?

    • Have not found much use for paper.li yet. It is just really this huge content cu ration site based on what you subscribe too. I suppose like the sounds of this tool, it is nice to have it all into one conglomerated spot though. There are some plus sides I suppose but just another e-mail in my inbox at this point.

  • Jeff,

    I participate in #SMmanners chat where they mentioned you and this post yesterday evening.  It was surprising to hear that people are experiencing engagement times of 3-5 minutes – Yowzah!! 😀

    Thank you for this helpful post, and more detailed look into Twylah.

    I look forward to joining you in the Twylah community soon!


  • I recently joined Twylah, and had no clue what to do with the power tweet. Thank you for sharing this information. I will use power tweets wisely. Now that I can see how my tweets are being curated, I will be more thoughtful with HOW I tweet in the future!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve recently been trying out Twylah. I still have an affinity for Paper.li though 🙂

  • I set up sciencebase to have its own Twylah subdomain, now testing out the Power Tweet after an interesting discussion with co-founder Kelly Kim

  • I set up sciencebase to have its own Twylah subdomain, now testing out the Power Tweet after an interesting discussion with co-founder Kelly Kim

    • She seems very passionate about the site and based on enthusiasm alone, I can see this growing fast. 

  • I think most users should be careful when power tweeting in fairness. It would annoy a lot of users to be constantly taken to a few landing page when they click a tweet, so a little caution may be in order. 

  • Sounds like a very useful program, but Uugh, as a social media newbie learning as much as I can to be effective; I am overwhelmed with all these available Twitter enhancement options. Can’t we have one program do it all? Tweeter, Tweetdeck, Tweepi, Twellow,Twylah and the list goes on. Tweeze work together people! And I will look at Twylah. I love social media!

  • SEOWebGirl

    Brilliant! I have a feeling Twylah is going to be huge! I love the concept!

  • I must say that the last time Jeff recommended tools to me it was well worth it because to this point I still am using the tools he recommended. Looking forward to this one as well.

  • If I click on a link in a tweet I want to be taken to the website, not to a landing page. Nothing annoys me more than this.

  • Glenn

    Hey Jeff,
    Thanks for sharing this awesome news!

    Will give it a closer look in the next few days. Although as a number of commenters have already said, it could be dangerous if OVERUSED!

    All the best,


  • I’m a great fan of RebelMouse for collating my tweets and social media activity. I agree that I would be annoyed to be taken to a third party site when clicking a tweet link.

  • Thanks for the tips you have some great insights.

    • Thanks, Jeff. Automation’s great for the repetitive stuff, but it’s the personal touch that wins followers. As I’m sure you’re well aware.
      Some folks set it all up and leave it to run, then wonder why there’s little interaction. Nothing worth doing is ever that easy. Thanks for the reply ~ have a great weekend, squire.

  • Tim Rowley

    Twylah pages are very good. Sometimes I find that it changes the chosen photo fo a random one from the URL. The organisation of your tweets into category pages is great.

  • Thanks so much for this Twitter Tip. I completed my questionnaire and look forward to power tweeting.

  • Way cool Jeff,that engagement spike is amazing.

  • Pardon… the sentences in this post were so long, I ran out of breath. #Disempower

  • Hi Jeff, I responded to one of your links recently (December 2015) about ‘how to send a power tweet that increases engagement by 400%’ and when I clicked on the link to register my interest…this is the information that comes up http://pro.twubs.com/twylah/ excerpt ” We are sad to announce Twylah’s services have officially been discontinued.

    Twubs acquired Twylah in 2014 with incredible excitement about the platform, customers, and vision of social relevancy and influence.

    We ABSOLUTELY plan to relaunch a Brand Builder and other solutions as part of the Twubs social engagement solution portfolio in the future. We sincerely apologize for any disappointment.”

    I can see now that this tweet is actually way out of date, so I thought I would bring it to your attention as I clicked on this a few days ago (December 2015). Perhaps the article should be archived? Or perhaps I’ve been directed to the incorrect page.
    Please advise,

  • Graham Downs

    “We are sad to announce Twylah’s services have officially been discontinued.”

    You might want to update your evergreen tweets. This one’s no longer one of them. :-/