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Instagram Smashes Huge Milestone

Many people enjoy the capturing of life with photos and videos. For some it is the reminder of people met and experiences that shouldn’t be forgotten.

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Some are moments of fun and ecstasy, others are sad and tragic.

Modern photo technology now embedded in smart phones allows us to take photos and view them instantly without waiting for the local Kodak corner store to develop the film.

This evolution has been fatal for this global brand.

Now you can not only click and view, you can also tweet, Facebook and email that photo to friends and family all around the world in seconds.

A trigger happy friend of mine uses Instagram to take those snapshots of a moment in time.  When her smart phone battery died the other you could see the loss of her time freezing machine was not good for her health.

Life in One Second Videos

A movie director Cesar Kurimaya has decided that he didn’t want to forget special moments. Instead of Instagram photos or still images, he is capturing his life by taking one second videos every day and turning them into a montage of a life lived.

It makes him evaluate each day with clarity. It helps him answer the questions of, have I loved, have I lived, have I made a difference?

He uses it as an inspiration to view his journey not from the limits of an imperfect memory but a video archive of his life.

Never again will he forget what he did on that day that was memorable.

Instagram Breaks 100 Million Monthly Users Milestone

Instagram is barely 2 and a half years old after being launched in October 2010. In April 2012, Facebook thought its technology and potential were worth $1 billion and bought the startup which had only 13 employees and was still losing money.

The founders Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom see it as a tool to inspire and connect.

It has just broken through the 100 million users per month and is now a major player in the social media ecosystem.

This puts it at number 5 behind Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

I think we only just seen the start of the Instagram journey.

Want to Know More About Instagram and the Visual Web Revolution?

Here are some  articles that will provide an insight into Instagram and the impact of the images on a social web.

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How about You?

How are you using Instagram in your life and business. Is Instagram a useful marketing tool or is just plain fun.

Look forward to your stories in the comments below.




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