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Boost Your Writing Productivity with A.I. – 10x Your Freelance Writing Income

Boost Your Writing Productivity with A.I. - 10x Your Freelance Writing Income

According to the US Bureau of Labor, we are making 8 times more goods and services than 100 years ago. Which means we are 800% more productive

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Why does that matter? 

The acceleration of technology since the industrial revolution has provided us with the tools to do a lot more with less. And that could lead to working 1 hour instead of 8 hours and still making the same income.

Wouldn’t it be nice to clock off and go home, pat the dog, have a beer and then watch Netflix for the next 8 hours before grabbing a bit of shuteye?

But it hasn’t quite worked like that.

Most of us have become distracted by the eye candy and temptation of buying and owning the wrappings of our modern consumer society. The more we earn the more we spend. We’ve ended up trading more leisure time for more stuff.  

The “Nirvana’ of more Netflix and couch loafing has been traded for more stylish shoes. 

Lazy or smart?

But what if you wanted to do very little?  

That’s called being lazy in most of the western world. And…is that wrong?

The French are very astute. Some of them are actively lazy. Choosing leisure time and a lower retirement age over the capitalists’ often stated and seemingly religious mantra of hyper-productivity and a manic 24/7 lifestyle and work until you die! 

According to the New York Times “The statistical tables offer one startling answer. Though the aggregate productivity of French workers is slightly lower than that of American workers, it is dramatically higher than that of their European peers. In fact, it is higher than the G7 average”. So, maybe that is smart. 

Sell it all and explore?  

Some new friends of mine have their own take on life. Sell everything and live off your investment and savings while exploring the world. Maybe dying poor isn’t a bad thing.

What’s the best option?

I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. 

Maybe we could be lazy and smart. Is the emergence of a world-changing tool like the generative AI platform ChatGPT the answer that allows you to leverage technology and creativity in the same sentence?

It raises another question. 

What if I could do something that I really love doing, like writing…but do it with powerful technology that gets it done faster and allows me to wrap in my own creativity and opens up my imagination? 


It pays for my life, gives me purpose and puts a smile on the inside. For a writer that could mean using ChatGPT.  

Has the writer now been replaced by a robot?

The arrival of generative AI to create written content with tools such as Chat GPT is seen by some as the end of human writing.

I see it more as amplifying output and unleashing creativity as it does the mundane parts for you.

ChatGPT allows more time for us to explore the mind-bending creativity of pushing the edges of what humans are capable of. The “out of the box” twists of imagination of the homo sapien who a robot would view as maybe insane. 

What can AI do?

Many things but not everything.

AI allows us to break the mold of cold and old combinations into new exciting combinations that our past thinking is frozen by. It also allows us to scale and amplify content creation.

AI can be an old thinking box breaker, not a ball breaker.  

What can’t AI do?

I have just finished reading “Portnoy’s Complaint” by Phil Roth (who is considered by many to be one of America’s greatest writers) and I have never seen a writer so courageous, raw and creative. No robot can replace that genius. His writing is written from the fire of painful experience born out of pain and pleasure. 

Storytelling wrapped in creative writing that arises from the furnace of life isn’t a job description for robots. Because…they haven’t gone through a divorce.   

So how can a writer use AI to 10x their output and revenue?

In the field of informational and nonfiction writing we need facts and content. ChatGPT is Google on steroids and much more. 

Here are some key steps and tips to write content 10 times faster with AI, and amplify your Freelance writing online side hustle income at the same time.

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Steps to 10X your writing productivity (and income)

Most content and freelance writers use Google to provide the information.  

  1. Write the headline and topic and ask ChatGPT to create a list of subtopics or a checklist. Often it will automatically write a list that will do that.
  2. Then ask it to write a paragraph or two for each subtopic or just ask for 300 words. 
  3. Wrap the raw information in your own creativity. Maybe start with a story and end it with your own insights and summary.  
  4. Make sure you check the facts as it is still a raw and imperfect tool. Get onto Google and verify.
  5. Ask AI to write 10 different headlines for the topic. You will be surprised how good they can be.  
  6. Edit the article. The spelling will be excellent but double-check any facts. 
  7. Publish it on your website (or if you are a freelance writer on your client’s website).
  8. Share it on your blog and on social media.

Just these steps alone and using Chat GPT will enable you to create a blog post in under 30 minutes instead of hours.

The next level

If you want to go beyond increasing your productivity by 10x then there is another level. 

Hire 10 writers to write for you and give them the guidelines as described above. Then, let them loose. That could scale your productivity by another 10 times.

Let’s go deeper

Here is what AI could also do for you as a writer to add another dimension.

Unleash it to do the following:

  1. Define writing goals and KPIs: Identify your target audience, writing style, and what you want to achieve.
  2. Implement AI tools to research and gather information: Use AI-powered research tools to quickly and efficiently gather information on your topic.
  3. Invoke AI writing assistants: AI writing assistants can help with generating ideas, outlining your content, and even writing entire paragraphs.
  4. Apply AI editors and proofreaders: Use AI editors to check your writing for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors, and to improve your writing style.
  5. Let AI optimize your writing for search engines: Use AI-powered SEO tools to optimize your writing for search engines and increase visibility.
  6. Automate content distribution: Use AI-powered content distribution tools to automate the process of publishing and sharing your writing across multiple platforms.
  7. Analyze and track your results: Use AI analytics tools to track the success of your writing and make data-driven decisions to improve.
  8. Continuously improve with AI feedback: Use AI feedback to continuously improve your writing style, structure, and content to maximize your productivity and revenue.

Doom and gloom or opportunity? 

In the early 1800s, the weaving power looms reduced the demand for skilled handweavers, initially causing reduced wages and unemployment. Protests followed their introduction. In 1816 two thousand rioting cotton weavers tried to destroy power loom mills and stoned the workers.

But…in the longer term, by making cloth more affordable the power loom increased demand and stimulated exports, causing growth in industrial employment.

In the 1960s the invention of the calculator was predicted to lead to a catastrophe. The mathematicians didn’t go on strike, we can still add up (using our smartphone calculator) and Armageddon didn’t happen.  

Generative AI that expands our horizons and productivity is to be embraced and welcomed. The genie is out of the box. Don’t be afraid, evolve. Change is inevitable.   

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