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The 3 Key Steps to Becoming a Highly Paid Expert

Experts can come in all shapes, sizes and ages.

Elliot Baker is 14 years old and has a dream to become an expert food writer and critic. He hasn’t waited to do a degree or gain a certificate. He started a blog called “ayounggourmet.comThe 3 Key Steps to Becoming a Highly Paid Expert

He is publishing, networking and doing the work. He has also learned how to attract attention. Just last week, his efforts gained him some column inches in a national newspaper.

That is the power of self publishing and passion.

The advent of the social web where Google rewards the blogging expert who is creating unique content with high search engine optimisation rankings and online attention is one thing. Now you can create a blog that adds value to people’s lives and the dream of fun, fame and fortune can happen.

In a world where influence is moving online the blog offers a platform to not only get attention but do something with those web visitors. It is technology mixed with being human.

It’s time to take your blogging for blogging’s sake and turn it into a lucrative 3 step strategy.

Step #1. Publish

In the past becoming a “proper” expert was a formal process. Doctor, lawyer, engineer.

It was established entitlement or nothing. Your expert status was handed down from on high. Do your degree, then a piece of paper will declare you to be an expert in your field. But no longer do you have to wait for the officialdom of peer review or a bureaucracy to anoint you.

The process of acquiring expert status has been democratised. Take your passion and let it shine online.

Blog your pants off.

Don’t hide your ideas in a filing cabinet, as a lingering thought or inspiration lost in yesterday’s conversation in a coffee shop. No longer do you have to wait for a book publisher to come knocking to put your burning ideas on a world stage.

Write it down, speak to a video camera….publish.

Step #2. Promote

Publishing is one thing, then it is about becoming visible. The visible and successful experts are the ones who dare to publish and promote online. This stage is where the publisher becomes a marketer and promoter. It is not time to be shy .

Its time to come out of the publishing closet.

You have picked yourself now it is time to let the crowd discover you so they can clap, cheer and encourage. Publish great insightful and inspiring content and let the crowd vote with “social proof”.

These include.

  • Retweets
  • Comments
  • Facebook shares and likes
  • LinkedIn shares
  • Plus one’s on Google+

Building this social proof does take time. It needs focused attention. It requires persistence. You need to build followers on social networks that will share, tweet and comment.

Social proof brings a certain credibility.

A blog with 20-30 retweets on its Twitter buttons….not bad. Start pushing hundreds of shares per article then maybe you are an expert.

When do you become an expert?

When the crowd tells you. It is not just determined by passing an exam anymore. It is a grey line of web votes. There is no finishing post. Just a visible digital creeping credibility that is measured by views and data. They are the bloggers with passion and purpose.

The world crowd votes.

The people who matter now count. The one’s that have their lives, businesses and careers changed because you took the time to learn, publish and share. with them your knowledge. It can be an article, a Powerpoint presentation on Slideshare or a video on YouTube.

It can be created in your office at home.

The tool kit and resource requirements

The expert who moves online will need to find the right tools and resources to create a blog that makes a difference.

  • Blogging skills
  • Content creation skills
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine marketing
Need to find out more then here are some resources, to get you started or take you to the next level.

Step #3. Package

Now many of you have started. You have published and promoted that content. To become that highly paid expert we need to take the next step and productise that knowledge. It needs to be packaged.

You need something to sell.

In a digital age the cost of distribution of knowledge has dropped to zero. No longer is it write, print and mail. It is create, publish and download.

This step involves taking that knowledge, packaging into information products and creating multiple revenue streams

This includes.

  • Consulting
  • Books
  • Downloadable PDF books and ebooks
  • Online courses
  • Paid webinars
  • Speaking

These are only the start of what you can do with an expert status and packaged information products.

The tool kit and resources requirements

No matter how you twist and turn there are some things you will need to bring to the table, find or learn

  • Design skills
  • Technology
  • Video production
  • Presentation skills

There is much to do and lots to learn. That is part of the fun. Do it well and that dream of becoming a highly paid expert can become real.

Case Studies

Here are some examples where the blogger has turned online blogging into expert status that is packaged into knowledge products.

  • Tim Ferris – Books, speaking and strategic consulting
  • Guy Kawasaki – Books, speaking and seats on company boards.
  • Darren Rowse – Darren blogs about blogging and has 12 different types of revenue streams

There are many more.

What about you?

Have you published? Is that blog idea still buried in your imagination?  Are you an expert? What is the crowd saying?

Have you started and do you even want to become one? What skills do you need to work on?

Look forward to hearing your stories, feedback and insights in the comments below.


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  • How long after you started blogging when you began to see consistent retweets, comments? thanks!

  • Yes persistent content creation is key.

  • Kumarjit Sarkar

    I have couple of questions for you…
    Apart from active sharing, updating, posting and blogging in the popular social media platforms what other ways are there to convert visitors to customers for a business.
    and secondly,

    Does having your own domain helps in reputation management as a blogger.

    • You need to engage them with great content first and continue to build trust. Then persist until you can turn that trust into purchasing with landing pages that convert.
      Having your own domain name is vital because it gives you control and flexibility of your online assets.

  • venkyiyer58

    You say you saw consistent retweets in about 6 months after you started blogging. Would that still be workable?

    • Not one blog is the same. It depends on how well you are growing your social networks and promoting your content on them and also the quality of the content

  • Thanks Kaushiki. Glad to hear you are enjoying it.

  • Jeff, we would like to invite you to a beta group for ifSimply.com which is a free platform o host your own membership clubs (and thus convert readers to customers). It requires no technical knowledge and is easier than using WordPress or sending and email. It’s sole purpose is to Get Members for you to pay for access to your “premium” content ( ie how to videos, recorded webinars in-depth blog posts, and group discussion).

  • Carlos Victor Costa

    Sorry to disagree: this is not de democratisation of the expertise. It is the trivialization of the expertise. Self-promotion and acknowledgement by lay people does not create experts: create false gurus. Just like Just Bieber/Jonas Brohters and so on are a fake singers, despite all the buzz they created. Expertise It is measured by hard work and knowledge, not by RT. Peer revision is the way that expertise – in the real sense- is attributed. Don´t be confused with popularity. To monetize on this is almost a fraud. And if digital influence means this, it is a very poor influence: as you know, our dear Bieber was once considered by Klout the most influential person on the Internet.

    • Tim Greig

      Carlos, I think if you exchange the word ‘expert’ for the words ‘person of influence’ (or thought leader) it makes sense. I don’t think Jeff is trying to trivialise expertise or confuse popularity with ‘talent’ but encourage us to extract what we do know and, well share. The very process of democracy will sort out the popular but vacuous, from the popular and thoughtful.

  • Elliot Baker

    Hi Jeff, thank you for the mention. Very much appreciated.

  • Praverb

    Hello Jeff,

    I really value your content and I try to read it daily. You have really impacted the way that I approach blogging. My favorite bloggers reside in Australia haha. I needed this as a reminder of what it takes to be an exert. Working towards the third tip now.

    Thank You!

  • Jonathan Henley

    OK Jeff – I’m on it…kind of a late starter but (natch) keen to monetise my knowledge. Not holding my breath, mind ;-(

  • Agree that a blog is extremely useful — if not crucial — to becoming seen as an expert. But quite often the niches people blog in are extremely crowded. So claiming that status is a helluva challenge. That’s why giving your blog a local angle can be a really good tactic.

    It’s often not that hard to rank for many geo-specific searches. So becoming the online “go to guy” in your city for opinions on your chosen subject can be achieved much faster than attaining that status globally.


    Continue to market effective and your right about it is time to let the market place discover us.

  • Rebecca Cooney

    Great info. Concise, purposeful and useful. Thank you.

  • KHAN

    I have several of issues for you…
    Apart from effective talking about, improving, posting and composing a weblog in the well-known public media techniques what other ways are there to modify visitors customers for a business.