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What are 4 Key Goals in Content Marketing?

We  consume information with an almost manic obsession. In most homes the 50 inch plasma high definition television is babbling on in the corner enticing us to watch and listen while cooking, cleaning  or chilling out.What are 4 Key Goals in Content Marketing

We jump in the car and the radio or GPS is informing us as we drive to work or as we head off to the shops.

At work the computer monitor tempts us with high definition photos on Facebook  or an online news stream filled with a torrent of multimedia content.

Escaping media while out and about is now almost impossible as walking down the street is now an exercise in collision avoidance with 3.5 inch screens filled with apps distracting most of the population.

We live in a noisy world of  three screens with digital media content that is hard to escape whether it is  television, computers or a smart phone.

The lonely printed  newspaper is now often just reserved as company for the weekend coffee as most media moves online.

Digital Media will Dominate by 2020

It was predicted as far back as 2008 that digital media would dominate by 2020. This momentum is accelerating and content is fast moving out of the offline closet and onto a digital screen near you.

Digital media by 2020 will be 80 percent of all media consumed

This has been confirmed by new research from the Isobar/Carat global report that digital media will consume 80% of media usage.

The explosion of numbers in this digital and increasingly mobile media consuming world are headlined by these facts

  • On Christmas day, 6.8 million smart phones were activated
  • In the last week of 2011, 1.2 billion apps were downloaded
  • The Guardian Newspaper gets 1 million page views per day via Facebook due to its Facebook app which was downloaded 5 million times with half of those being under the age of 24
  • In 2011 YouTube had over 1 trillion video views

If the majority of your content is not being created for online viewing then you need to listen to these numbers.

Challenge of Content Creation

Creating content for this social online world is a constant challenge and what to write, record and produce comes down to time and resources.

If it is a text based article it needs a good headline, a enticing opening paragraph and an easy to read structure so people will not click away.

If it is a video it needs a professional persona and in a world with short attention spans the message needs to be delivered in seconds not minutes.

The Old Spice videos are typically 20-30 seconds!

4 Key Goals for Creating Content

The ultimate goal of content marketing is to be so engaging that your customers will eventually buy, but before you get that far you need to achieve one of these 4 foundational objectives to attract interest, increase page views and maintain reader loyalty.

1. Educate

This type of content is often prefaced by a headline that starts with “How” . People’s thirst for knowing how to start a blog, market their business or solve a problem that is consuming their attention will always be content worth creating and sharing.


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2. Inform

Keeping people up to date with the latest news was the domain of the  newspaper, trade magazines or television. Today the blog or social network such as Twitter or Facebook is the source.

Remember with this type of content it will quickly become old news and only has a certain shelf life.


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3. Entertain

Entertainment is quite often best done by video and you only have to view a Coca Cola ad or a funny video to appreciate the marketing power of entertainment . It doesn’t have to be a video and entertainment can also be a media type that informs and entertains.Infographics can also be included in this category. Humour is one of the vital components in this category.


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4. Inspire

So educating, informing or entertaining when creating content is vital in your mix of content but one often overlooked goal is to provide “Inspiration“.

This can be a challenge but inspiring people to be better, to push their limits or to be successful should be woven into your content.

This content can be examples of other successful people that have overcome adversity people or creative examples that showcase others achievements.


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Choose a Dream

These types of content can stand alone or they can be integrated into one post or woven together.

How about You?

Remember that creating and publishing the content is just the start of the journey, the hard work has just begun after you hit the publish button.

Promoting and marketing your content to make it visible online is the next important step to success.

How is your content? Does it educate, inform and sometimes entertain?

Does it  inspire your readers?

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  • Anonymous

    I have found that creating good and meaningful content is not always easy.  It’s easy to fall into the rut of repeating the same ideas and concepts.  I have learned over the years of owning my own recruiting and career coaching firm that marketing requires a variety of techniques- it is not always necessary to CEATE content.  We can also market and increase visibility by sharing content.  There are many wonderful and informative articles, interviews, books and blogs (such as yours) that share industry insight. By having access to these I am able to not only market my company but educate my clients. 
    Ken C. Schmitt

  • There is so much going on online today that the only way to gain attention is to create valuable content that will get noticed and cut through the noise.  It’s important to create different formats of content to attract a larger audience.  Not everybody wants to read an article or blog post, so consider adding video or a podcast to the mix.  

  • Juan, I think that you made my Day! Inspiration with passion, what a way to go 🙂

  • Hey Juan – I was just about to write that exact thing! Inspiring others through content is magical. Inspire them to share it, inspire them to make decisions after reading it, inspire them to even create their own content. When that happens, it inspires me to create even more 🙂


  • High-quality and useful information content – the key to success in the promotion of sites for people. It is a truism, and it is undeniable.Jeff, thanks for sharing such an interesting information. 

  • Sharyn Sheldon

    Thanks for the great article, Jeff. If content creators can focus on those 4 goals and how they can meet them for their target market, they’ve conquered half the battle for getting attention. I’d also say that it’s important to create a mix of content that achieves more than one goal. In fact, if you can meet more than one goal in just one piece of content then you’re definitely a master!
    – Sharyn

  • Will use this as key questions to ask whenever we produce anything. If our content doesn’t do 1, or hopefully more of these points – its not worth it!

  • andrelepate

    interesting stuff! thanks.

  • Tamar Weiss

    Great post and fantastic four points to ask yourself when creating content. Another challenge is figuring out what kind of content the anonymous top-funnel prospects that would educate, inform, entertain and inspire them. Our customers have benefited from technology that identifies this top funnel based on location, industry, and digital behavior.

  • I am watching your account all the time and I love your content but how do you put out such great epic content each hour? I purchased your book and I’m going to read it again today, maybe it’s in there and I missed it. 🙂

  • Angela Heidt

    Thanks for providing excellent information – love your posts!

  • Cecilia

    Great article! Creating content can be challenging: to educate, inform, entertain and inspire your community you need to post fresh and interesting content all the time! However, sometimes it is time consuming and boring or you cannot find the right content that is specific to your niche. There’s a tool that can help out with a lot of these content needs, so it makes it even easier to manage your social media channels! It’s called ZootRock!

  • I totally agree but it’s important to not deviate from your core focus in your quest to make your content fit these 4 keys. I see many businesses creating content which has nothing to do with their niche while it is informative, educational, entertaining and even inspiring.

    For instance, I recently noticed a coupons/deals website starting a blog about the current state of the ecommerce industry, while their target customers may not be very fascinated with all that business talk. A blog about cool new offers/products would have made more sense in my opinion. What do you think?

  • Richard J D’Souza

    Meditation is a great way to visualise your goals.

  • EMP Content

    Here’s a few ultimate Goals of CM that aren’t £££££ related: 1. Convey Information e.g.: Global Warming. 2 Engage and Educate in the Social Sector 3. Encourage people to Vote in Elections and Referenda

  • Mojo

    Thanks for your page. I’ve just stumbled upon it, and am trying to draw inspiration and knowledge for my new Blog page. Thanks!