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  • http://www.turningpointsearch.net Ken Schmitt

    Great post – I just finished reading “6 Pixels of Separation” by Mitch Joel and you touched on his primary theme in only a few short paragraphs. Namely, the entire world is connected, if you don’t connect your business to your customers, you will be left behind

  • http://sellinginformationproducts.net John Soares

    I’m a frequent Starbucks customer and wifi user. They seem to have all aspects of business covered, both in the store and online.

    I’ve bought and sold Starbucks stock several times, but not over the last two years. It helped when they started paying a dividend.

  • modelsupplies

    Starbucks is definitely The Hip coffee company. They’re cool enough to be a nice gift – that’s when you know you’ve made it ;-) Beautiful post, Jeff~!!

    Anita @ModelSupplies

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  • http://spinsucks.com Gini Dietrich

    One thing I would add to this (because it drives me crazy that Starbucks is NOT doing it) is location marketing. Yes, Starbucks offers a free frappucino to the mayor of each of their locations. But, unless the mayor changes daily (and not even in Chicago, where there are a zillion stores does the mayor change daily – I know because I held the title for months), they are targeting a very finite number of people. Add, on top of that, the percentage of people that will actually order the frappucino (I don’t) and your audience is even smaller.

    With location, you now have access to all of your customer data – what time they come in, how often they come in, how long they spend in the store, what they buy, how much they spend, and all of their demographic information.

    What if, instead, they offered me a free drink, the kind I actually order every day, for every 10th check-in? Or a free one for every 20th friend I bring with me? Drive people into the store for something they really want. In the digital age, you can definitely target one-to-one vs. one-to-many.

    I think I’ve thought about this too much. :)


  • http://www.watersdenison.com Beth Warren

    Terrific post, Jeff! Indeed, Starbucks “gets” connecting with customers… hence, “The Starbucks Experience”.. unfortunately far too many businesses think a few tweets IS Social Media.. nice to see a company who takes it to the next level.

  • http://www.pcmgonline.com/blog Ryan VanDenabeele

    Nice post. Starbuck is really doing an amazing job and leading with way with socail engagement.

    We have nice numbers of Facebook fans but we are struggling with the engagement. Maybe its the content, maybe it’s something else. I do know is we will get it figured out and push forward.


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  • Mike Lynn

    Sorry, I still am not getting a “digital aroma”. When Starbucks or Peets can do this, the web “chatter”/”twit” will become more relevant. It’s about smell and taste – a Startbuck’s digital community is not so relevant to me as the infusion of aromas that are a great cup of coffee, freshly brewed.

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  • http://iiwomen.com/New/index.htm Leah Oviedo

    Those are impressive results. I didn’t think Starbucks could get any bigger or even needed to.

    Your last point about not spreading yourself to thin should be the first. Social Media is so vast and I see a lot of people joining groups and forums, but not spending adequate time there. We have to be available on a regular basis to engage with potential customers.

  • http://www.aspensquare.com/blog/ Kimberly

    Great post! Almost unbelievable results, quadrupled web hits? But I woudl suggest that this is because they were already a big name to begin with. They were able to adapt to the social media/online marketing change very easily because they had a huge customer base backing them. I would say that for people involved with businesses just starting out on the web, like myself, the bit about spreading yourself too thin is the most important. Don’t be overwhelmed, those numbers take time for the rest of us :)

  • http://www.dougahay.com doug hay

    Good on Starbucks. You are right engagement is the key not huge volumes of anything. I see people following 10s of thousands of people which might look impressive but is really quite useless as they is zero engagement.

  • http://www.carpedigi.com Cristiana Rodrigues

    Gotta love how ahead they are, at least putting great effort towards it. Just today i posted on Carpe Digi’s Facebook page this about their iPhone app (not sure youve seen it already): http://www.techflash.com/seattle/2010/10/starbucks_makes_first_hire_via_iphone.html

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  • http://www.bobphillips.me Bob

    I’ve received plenty of Starbucks gift cards, but never a Seattle’s Best or any other coffee shop. Tells me that Starbucks owns the coffee market through great marketing, and without t.v. commercials. Wow.

  • http://360innovate.co.uk Matthew Marley

    Starbucks are really one of the pioneers of how company’s are using social media to engage with their customers, another being Dell. Great post as always Jeff.

  • Doug

    In a nutshell…”Live your brand out loud”  Great article.  

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kathy-Ward-Backus/1556500247 Kathy Ward Backus

    It’s about building relationships, isn’t it though!!

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  • http://twitter.com/saramariani Sara Mariani

    Great post, and I agree. In addition to the dialogue they’ve created through social media, they’ve done a lot of things really well, including acting on feedback from users to incorporate small changes in their stores, building a rewards program that connects store visits and direct marketing, and developing one of the simplest and easiest-to-use mobile apps out there.

  • http://twitter.com/skypulsemedia Howie at Sky Pulse Media

    I don’t agree with you at all. They have been unable to scale reciprocal engagement. As a percent of facebook fans post response is actually zero  at average or 0.03% response rates. It is a bad platform. They are not reaching customers at scale. In fact 99.9% of their customers will not engage in anyway with starbucks via any social media including posting on their wall, tweeting or checking in on foursquare. I have estimated about 300mil customers world wide at least if not 500mil. With probably 1 billion potential.

    really bad case study and I personally don’t find the work of Altimeter believable since they are very biased/subjective in most of their work. Including the stats you give for things like increased website traffic. We have zero correlation from the info given this is from social vs TV or in store promotion.

    • http://twitter.com/skypulsemedia Howie at Sky Pulse Media

       Why was this post linked today on twitter. I should of figured with the 5mil fan number this was old. But it is still a bad post! =P

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  • Susan_walls

    The Starbucks experience please, I don’t like it for real let alone the virtual.  Coffee not nice, vessels not nice and the coffee shops untidy, it’s like a conveyor belt experience…. So what with the number crunching and stats…. the local cafe experience is far superior to the global bland approach…. Why are we like lemmings when it comes to these companies telling us what we want and what we like… Start thinking and think critically about the experience these corporate global brands offer and don’t get persuaded just because they catch up and get all hip via social media… rant over, I, thank you.

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  • Suzisart

    I’m surprised that this recommends engagement by all employees- as administrators under a common identity? With FB doesn’t that lead to too many posts, driving down the distribution of the content? Or did I misunderstand? Explain, please.

  • http://twitter.com/MarkVozzo Mark Vozzo

    There is a 5th very successful way Starbucks leverages it fans using a social ‘crowd sourcing’ platform by @Salesforce, and the site is http://mystarbucksidea.force.com. It allows anyone to submit ideas and other Starbuckers can vote the idea up/down. Pretty cool stuff.

  • bradhines

    what about brewing up some QR codes on the side of their cups?


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