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  • http://www.toddweisscfa.com ToddWeissCFA

    Great interview Jeff. Nice to see the corporate perspective on social media.

  • http://www.theorganicview.com June Stoyer

    Social media is such a great way for the corporate world to have a voice and actually connect with the people they serve. It is especially important in this day and age when so many people are anti-business. After all, it is all apart of the American dream to be able to make your own way in life!

  • http://harlowgroup.com.au/blog Steve Ludlow

    Great interview Jeff and thanks for sharing Greg!. As a director of a recruitment business in Australia of a much smaller size than Aquent (Harlow Group) we have found social media to be a very powerful tool for talent sourcing, branding and market education. In fact, 25% of our placements in the past 12 months have been attached to social media. In 80% of those cases, we would not have sourced that successful candidate without the use of social media. We’ve also found it to be a great tool for engaging our target audience (sales and marketing professionals) in discussion and building our brand. I am being interviewed in a very similar manner to this interview on our blog. Here I share some insights into social media in recruitment from a smaller business’s perspective.

  • http://www.thisinspires.me Francis A

    It was Great to see the ‘corporate’ side of social media!! Great interview!!

  • http://oooooozoooooone.com Fatin

    I thing now the social media is the new wave of this decade who can change what can not be changed in only 10 years before !

    Important interview discussing different points & sights !

  • http://www.bostonkennedy.com.au Russell Fairbanks


    My journey with social media started with a simple task of redesigning a website. My experience is still counted in the days (I’m that new to twitter) but the more I am learning the more amazed I become.

    Thanks Greg and Jeff for giving me further insight into what might be achieve with 12 months effort!

  • http://kbkmarketingandconsulting.com Jan Beery


    Good info. Appreciate you sharing this interview and topic. Learn by doing! That’s where I’m at and it has placed us in a good position with in our industry.

    I’m truly inspired!

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  • http://www.920.co.nz Mark Chote

    Nice balanced view… embracing social media yet staying grounded in the mantra that “people find people jobs”.

    An excellent example of recruitment industry leadership in my view. Thanks!

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  • http://360innovate.co.uk Matthew

    Great interview Jeff, just shows you the power of social media especially within a corporate environment.

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