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  • http://twitter.com/KierWilkinson Kier Wilkinson

    Good article. 

    I think it is crucial that bloggers offer their content in a variety of different media in the future – video/audio/pictures etc.

    There is so much content on the internet that your audiences’ attention span is shorter than ever so you need to be able to capture their imagination visually rather than get bogged down in endless paragraphs of text, like you have suggested.

    Obviously nothing can beat fresh and current content though! That will always be central to popular blogs.

  • Rick Allen

    Great summary, Jeff. I plan to forward it to my network.

    I’ve also hear about the death of blogging, and Twitter, and print — all of which are quite alive. The print medium has certainly suffered the worst, and has the biggest need to evolve. I would not want to be a print publisher right now. But somewhere out there is an undiscovered innovation bubbling up in the mind of a budding entrepreneur that will amaze us all and extend, change or re-purpose the print world. A caterpillar does not crawl into his cocoon to die, but to be transformed.

    Equally interesting as that transformation, will be new media once we are able to released them from the paradigms established by 600 years of print. How we get, gather, sift, sort and assimilate information, how we educate our young, and the basis for our decisions are all on the table.

    “Fascinating.” –Mr. Spock

  • http://www.techretina.com/ Gaurang Joshi

    Awesome Article…And I also think a Blogger must enjoy Blogging, rather than thinking it as a daily routine : )

  • http://www.facebook.com/AnnieInfinite Annie Infinite

    Love this post Jeff and have shared on FB and Scoopit! Great strategies and I especially like the reminder to write scan-able content.

  • Vlasta

    Great post once again Jeff, I have been blogging for awhile now, you can call me the Business Blogger as you have described it. I got couple of ideas from your post how to improve my blog, such as mix the media and art of headlines which sometimes proves to be quite difficult. I struggle getting ppl to comment and get involved. I would appreciate you opinion on my blog and perhaps give me some suggestion how to improve. http://www.signaturestaff.com.au/blog

    • Pulin

      @8cb1a586bdf676986caaddbab6963661:disqus Good to see your comment.as per this article i fall in the category of personal casual blogger and wants to go far and want to showcase my skills on business level. I have same problem as yours:getting ppl to comment and and get involved! have you found any solution since?if yes can you please share your experience?thanks

    • Pulin

      @8cb1a586bdf676986caaddbab6963661:disqus Actually I gone through your business site and I must say it looks so professional and I am impressed with it! keep up the good work.By the way i wrote one article on my site if you want to go through it! Article title:Seven ways to ease your job hunting experience. http:pulindave.com/blog

  • http://www.thenetimpact.com/internet-marketing.aspx Jen

    You have offered some great advice here to new bloggers!  I agree with “Just Do It”  you can’t necessarily get all the details worked out before you start blogging, sometimes you’ve just got to dive in and get started and figure it out as you go.  Content can be difficult to come up with sometimes but engaging in the community of bloggers, as you’ve suggested, can really help to spark some writing ideas.  One other tips that I would suggest  once you get going is that you create a schedule, especially if you have a business blog.  A schedule will help to ensure that you get a fresh content out there on a regular basis.

  • http://andynathan.net Andy Nathan

    Jeff-What you describe in your 14 points is almost the exact opposite of what I did while starting. The only thing that I was doing when I first started blogging was persistent blogging, a self-hosted platform, and social marketing. It took a lot of bounces on the head to understand the value of what you just said. Which I had seen this post two years ago.

  • Maayotte

    Very useful. Thanks.

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  • Sullivaj

    Love these ideas, along with the “just do it!” attitude. One minor deal, however…#2 – should your heading spell “you’re?” in “Know Who You’re Talking To.”

  • Jburrow

    Great Content Jeff, I have learned a lot from your posts.

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  • Yasmin Anderson-Smith

    Love this article and will gladly share it with my network. It comes just as my spouse is gearing up to start a blog on track and field. Solid advice to help him get off to a good start.

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  • Pulin

    An inspiring article, can learn lot many things out of these 14 points. I strongly agree with Jeff with regards to showcase our skills!I fall in the category of Personal Casual blogger and wants to go far! But my BIGGEST challenge is to create content for my site! trying to find the way!

  • pragati

    You have put things in a nutshell as usual, Jeff! This is encouraging advice for new bloggers like us.

    Persistence and patience are the hardest for someone who is new, because it takes time to build up a following.

    Here’s to blogging more and more..

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      Yes Pragati, there is no silver bulet it takes time and constant learning.

  • darinlhammond

    I would be lost without your easy to ready and deploy lists. Blogging becomes much easier when you tap into the community, one part of your message here. I’m glad that I have tapped into your work as a resource.

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.leonard.39794895 David Leonard

    As always, very informative Jeff. I too have been guilty of “overcomplicating” the process. You have to just jump out there and take chances. Thanks for sharing.



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  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    Thanks Sarah always trying to create evergreen content that ages well like good wine!

  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    Thanks Sara for sharing your story. That is so good to hear. :)

  • Sabih Ahmed

    Great post @jeffbullas:disqus sir! This is one perfect post, as in reply to all those who think blogging scope is declining. Search engines, social networks and every other platform on the web requires content and these tips are the perfect match to get started with it. I remember the time I started my career in DM, i didn’t even had the idea what content can do but by the time, I learned and see that this is the soul of every business and you should have expertise and understanding of how it works. I really like the point that ‘publishing the content is not just enough’ you have to optimize your content to get something out of it. Cutting it short, a fine example of blogging is your this post, see the numbers of shares it has garnered :-)

  • Rajesh Deepak

    Definitely, you are write to have some creativity for every blogger to get the popularity. These steps will certainly help the new blogger to understand the blogging main concept. No body knows how much time will take to get more and more traffic on site, but a right strategy helps to build up more people.