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  • http://kimanziconstable.com/ kimanzi constable

    Great post here Jeff and such practical takeaways. I really like what you say about diversifying. There were many who relied on AdWords for income and then one change from Google whipped them out. I don’t want to end up like that which is why I focus on my list first and then jump into all the other areas of monetization.

  • http://kingged.com/ Metz

    There are simple to amazing tactics to drive traffic to your
    blog or website. It is important to gain traffic from different sources and
    crucial to the success of your online business.. “Owned, paid and
    earned” is the most enticing part in your article for me, that’s pretty
    interesting to me.

    In my opinion, if we will use intelligent social media
    marketing strategies, and write and submit a well crafted articles to various
    article directories, you can ensure that your content will drive potential
    customers to your website and build your business authority.

    Well put all in all! Your post has been shared on Kingged.com, IM. social bookmarking site, enabling me to find. this good piece.

  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    Thanks for the question Herb. It can take 6-12 months before meaningful traffic develops. You need to persist and be patient.

    • Herb Silverman

      Perseverance and patience are my speciality! Thanks.

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  • http://www.neathomebusiness.com/blog Eve Koivula

    Lots of gems I’ve never even thought of before. Thanks Jeff!

  • http://www.pvariel.com Philip Verghese Ariel

    Great list and very essential to follow suit.
    These tips mentioned in the list are very useful
    when it comes to the promotion line. Though I
    am there in almost all places except Instagram
    Search and email. of course through my G+ share
    sometimes i post to my gmail friends too but most
    of the time neglect it, since everytime getting an
    unwanted mail especially on some stuff which for
    them is not required will surely create some irritation
    so i seldom use email share.
    I am really surprise to read: Instagram now has over 200 million users and can be a great source of traffic for visual and consumer brands. Beyonce used it to announce her latest album with great viral marketing result: This is really an amazing figure and I missed the group miserably, I am going to visit the link given along, and ha, the tips you mentioned along fb, twitter, and G+ some tips I am not following this 64 Tactics to drive traffic is indeed worth following. I am book marking and I am going to take a print out of this check list to cross check it for my daily use
    Thank you very much for sharing this valuable info.
    May you have a wonderful and profitable week ahead.
    ~ Philip

    PS: Hey Jeff, I read this post at Kingged.com and i found it very informative and I kingged it and posted this comment there.
    Keep up the good work
    Keep writing and keep informed

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  • http://www.emart-digital.net/ Elvis Martínez

    GREAT! About “Search”: In the last post of the blog series on Social Media Today, I have defined five categories of monitoring tools. Category one highlighted “Media Monitoring” indicating tools which are suitable for both traditional online media and social media monitoring. They also support social media engagement, analytics and content automation. There is the Category “Media Monitoring”: http://www.emart-digital.net/brandwatch-review-best-tools-for-social-media-monitoring-and-analysis/

  • cboulanger

    Owned and Earned go hand and hand. Your blog posts and stores aren’t going to get you much if you aren’t sharing and communicating.

    I used to be squeamish about paid for SMBs because of some ROI-management issues I saw with clients. But I’m starting to come around. You can do some great targeting with the social ad networks now and their tracking keeps improving.

    Thanks for the post.

  • http://www.geeknoob.com/ Kundan Bhardwaj

    You are just repeating what is all over the internet, nothing new. In indian we call it “Global Gyan” . Now you would reply saying, there is no shortcut to success and you need to implement these. Admin @ http://www.geeknoob.com

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  • http://sora.com Olga

    The best way to drive traffic is using videos. They attract your visitors’ attention and facilitate manage how long people stay on your website, which is sort of impossible with only written content. Posting fascinating videos on regular basis will help compel site guests to check your site for the latest updates on the business. Do you know more effective strategies to drive traffic?

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  • Mohd Kamaal Ahmed

    I agree with all the points you have mentioned . I would try to
    implement these points to my my blog http://www.blogntips.com . I am keeping my finger crossed

  • http://www.thingscouldbeworse.org Dr. Rin Porter

    What a great list you have compiled! It will help me expand my traffic for sure. Thank you for putting this together in a readable, clear format. I appreciate this post.

  • John Allred

    Nice, informative information. Thanks for sharing with us. Hope it helps people very much.

  • http://www.ecowarriorprincess.net/ Jennifer Nini

    I love this list! Thanks for putting it together.