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The One Big Thing Some of the Best Content Marketers Forget

The One Big Thing Some of the Best Content Marketers Forget

Content marketing is not just about content.

Content marketing excellence is the result of the successful intersection of search engines, social media, email, content and blogging. Done well it is a multidisciplinary approach to the challenge of making your content as visible to as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. It doesn’t matter whether you are a blogger, corporate marketer or a small business.

Content marketing is many moving parts.

But there is a problem with how many people view content marketing. They get “content” but they sometimes forget the last word “marketing”. It smells of the of the mantra of “build it and they will come”. Do you expect readers to just show up when you create content?

So what is it that even some of the best content marketers forget?

What is forgotten?

They forget to hustle their content.

What do I mean by hustle? It means pushing, prodding and publishing to as many digital channels as time and resources allow. it means optimizing for search engines, emailing your grandma and making all your social media networks sing.

Many of us have a preference for a certain social network. It may be Facebook, so your blog post is published and also posted to Facebook. They think they are done. It’s publish and it’s tweeted..once. That’s it. If they have a email marketing bent, they send it to their email list. Time to sit back and relax.

You need to do more!

The art of content hustling

So how do you press, push and thrust your content into the web spotlight? How do you elbow your brand in front of the crowd?

Here are some tips to online blog post and content visibility.

#1. Optimize for search engines

If you have a blog post in the production line there is an important element to complete before hitting “publish”. It’s called “optimizing for search engines”

I use the WordPress plugin called WordPress for SEO by Yoast. It makes it easy to get the basics right for optimizing for search.

What content marketers forget

Now this search engine optimisation practice doesn’t mean immediate rankings at the top of Google for your post. But it does mean that you are making it easy for search engines to identify your key words and phrases and index them. So over time as you build domain authority and keep optimizing that you are giving yourself a chance to appear on page one of Google.

#2. Tweet that content

Twitter is one of the top social networks for making your content move. So continue to grow your Twitter followers and tweet it straight after publishing.

Also include the headline, the link and don’t forget to add several hashtags.

What content marketers forget

#3. Published to Facebook

This a no-brainer but it shouldn’t be forgotten. Also keep in mind that it should be optimized for maximum visual effect. This often means manual posting to ensure you have a large image for that big impact rather than letting the default thumbnail be published to your Timeline.

What content marketers forget

Also don’t forget to include the now ever present #hashtag

#4. Posted to Google+

Google+ is too big too ignore anymore and it follows a similar process to Facebook. Hashtags, link and the larger image upload.

What content marketers forget

#5. Pushed to LinkedIn

Linkedin is maybe not where you will see any content go “viral”. But it is evolving to becoming more content centric. So make sure you include it in your content hustle and share your post on LinkedIn.

Other people will help make it move!

What content marketers forget

#6. Pinned to Pinterest

We know that Pinterest favours visual content but even if you are a text focused blogger you can still use it to pin your feature image.

What content marketers forget

#7. Flipped to Flipboard

A few months ago I noticed significant traffic emerging from Flipboard. So I took a closer look and decided to add it to my content marketing hustle. I am finding now that it can drive several hundred page views to my blog every day.

Give it a try.

What content marketers forget

#8. Emailed to your list

Building an email,list from day one should be in the content marketers “must do” list. But there is one top tip that I would like to highlight. When emailing your content out to your email list, don’t include the complete published post. Include the introduction and ask them to click on the hyperlink to visit your website/blog.

Once you have them on your site then they may hang around.

what content marketers forget 8

#9. Tweeted again and again

There is one thing to keep in mind with Twitter. It isn’t an inbox but a stream. So tweet your post several times on the first day. If it is evergreen content then it can be tweeted on a recurring basis.

If your content is just tweeeted once, it maybe and often is missed or forgotten.

What about you?

How do you hustle your content? What works for you?

Look forward to reading your insights and stories in the comments below.


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  • I’ve found great success in doing the things you mentioned and guest posting. I’ve been able to guest post for people like Michael Hyatt, Jeff Goins, Dan Miler and so on. This has exposed me and my content to a larger audience. I hustle by guest posting 🙂

    • Thanks Kimanzi for that comment. Yes, guest posting should indeed be part of the content marketers and bloggers hustle!

    • jonny curran

      Hi Kimanzi

      I totally agree with your points. Guest blogging should be one of the main strategy for content marketers because it just not help us to market our content but also a way to make relationships.

      But things which need to be consider is people just abusing guest posting guidelines for links even they are paying for guest blogs. Even Matt Cutts recently shared a release about guest blogging you can checkout here: http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/guest-blogging/.

      So, guest blogging should be done, as it was before 🙂


      • I had heard what he said, he actually scared a lot of people regarding guest posting. The thing most people forget with guest posting is yes, link juice from Google is cool but the point of guest posting is to be exposed to a new and possible larger audience then your own. Those people will possibly click over to your site and see what you have going on, if a few sign up for your email list, success! That’s the real value.

        • jonny curran

          Hi Kimanzi,

          I really appreciate your reply over my comment.

          First of all i want to say guest posting is an integral part of content marketing and even i do.

          My motive was not scaring people with my comment. You took my comment in a wrong way it is something by which i want to address people do guest blogging as it was before. My comment is not for them who know the art of guest posting. This is for especially for them who are abusing guest blogging guidelines and many
          are actually doing and even Matt Mutts is releasing his views over guest blogging in the recent days through blogs or even videos. (You can check)

          Again, thanks for your views on my comment and you highlight some new things in your comment that is larger audience :). It is something
          discussion is all about.

  • Thomas E Ortiz

    We send out to Scoop It, Open Forum, LinkedIn, Google+, Twiter with different titles each time, Facebook, BizSugar, Pinterest, ExploreB2B and now email. But we are careful that each article actually pertains to the audience we feel follows us on those networks. For example Pinterest is for different articles than for those on American Express Open Forum or ExploreB2B. Thanks for your article I shared it on my site for our readers.

  • David Schuller

    Hey Jeff,

    That was a great post. I haven’t really used pinterest , but everybody is telling I am missing out. Guess I need to take time and figure out how to do it.

    I have figured out that you need to tweet several times a day to get peoples attention.
    At first I was hesitant to post too much, afraid of irritating people but have realized that post lifetime on twitter and G+ is very short.

    You mentioned posting directly to twitter and posting a photo. I have tried several times to post a image but have been unsuccessful. Is there a trick involved.

    Thanks again Jeff

    Let’s Fix It<a

  • LJ Melville

    Great tips Jeff!

    Amazing thing is all sections can be further expanded seven fold – that’s social media marketing for you!

    I’ve been focusing on increasing my Pinterest and G+ efforts lately and it’s really paying off. Never thought of sharing via LinkedIN …will keep that one in mind for sure.


  • Great post, Jeff, and such an important reminder to push content. I’ve seen you practice what you preach here. It obviously works!

    If the content is evergreen, I absolutely think it’s worth sharing multiple times and across as many networks as possible, as long as the message is tailored appropriately for the channel. Besides, I think Twitter is all about the sharing of a message or article multiple times to reach different audiences.

  • I have completely forgotten about Flipboard since getting rid of my iPad… Good reminder.

  • We haven’t thought about using Flipboard! Thanks for the suggestion!

  • jonny curran

    Informative post Jeff, objective behind the post is clear “Content Creation + Marketing” you are right someone have write a good content but until it would not come in the eyes of its targeted user then it will be not so much beneficial. It is necessary to market the content by the suggested ways in the article. Social media is best to market any great content and its importance justified by the likes shares and tweets it get.

    Live example can be highlighted as well i am just browsing your emails and i saw the post in the right hand side of the mail. i found it interesting and read it. This is something the article is all about. What you say? 🙂

  • Jeff, you mention uploading the image into the Facebook or G+ post so that the maximum size is shown. I like to do this myself, but I feel my click rate engagement goes down when I do this (especially) on Facebook. When I just paste the link in the post text area, the image naturally pops up, but it’s a lot smaller. What’s your feeling on this?

  • Great stuff Jeff

    I haven’t tried Flipboard either so I’ll give that a go.



  • deanrblack

    Great article Jeff. I have been using all of the sources except FlipBoard. I will for sure be looking at that for my future content.

  • JerryDRoss

    Jeff, Great points covering some of the foremost areas we need to focus on to get our content out there quickly and broadly. Also very good images giving a great visual explanation. Thanks for sharing, Jerry

  • one thing about this work flow that has always troubled me is the way that all of these streams will become essentially clones of one another. Is it your experience that people do not follow you in multiple places?

    I know that I have, in the past, followed people in multiple places, and most of the time, there is nothing new from one channel to the next. They all contain the same links to the same stories. but i’ll admit that I’m fairly often the odd duck.

    • Thanks Dane for the question. Many people use one primary network and also have a preference for their media consumption so that is why you multiple post and also repurpose content into different media!

  • Baylan Megino

    I’ve used Flipboard for content to post, but haven’t used it to post MY stuff to. Thanks for the suggestion!