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12 Reasons Why People Blog

Ten years ago blogs were small and personal and people wrote about their hobbies, interests and just their life.

2 Reasons Why People Blog

There was no thoughts of becoming a millionaire via a blog or even turning famous.

Today we have blogs where 50 million people turn up every month to read news, watch videos and share their comments about the latest post. There are individual online video blogs that reach millions globally every year.

Earlier this year I started a poll to ask people “Why Do You Blog?” and 492 votes later we have some hard facts and figures on why people really do blog. (here is the screen shot of the results)

12 Reasons Why People Blog
The top 5 are in ranking order are.

  1. Passion
  2. Share  with others
  3. Business
  4. Self Expression
  5. Put forward new ideas

Not surprisingly the number one reason is “passion” for their topic. In fact of all the top bloggers I know that I have reviewed  and researched, this would have to be the number one reason for posting every day year after year.

The third placed reason for blogging I would expect to grow over time as corporate blogging continues to evolve is blogging for business. The other reason for blogging that received more votes than I expected was for “improving writing”

Why do you blog?

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