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14 Twitter Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes are a good thing if you learn from them and they don’t kill you.14 Twitter Mistakes to Avoid

Well, that is the common wisdom.

The reality is that mistakes can cost you your job, your relationship and significant dollops of money.

All of these are painful.

Social media provides a public platform that make stuff ups visible at velocity. Humiliation on a global scale is the downside of the social web.

Tweet some stupidity and you have the potential for a viral campaign of the very wrong kind that provides a new category of embarrassment.

Embarrassment at speed.

Public relations agencies have made a lot of money from advising companies on how to be ready or recover from a social media disaster.

So not engaging your brain before you post to Facebook or tweet on Twitter is a mistake that should be avoided at all costs when participating on social media networks.

So what should you do?

There are are some basic principles to keep in mind when you next punch out 140 characters to 200 million people.

There maybe more but these will enable Twitter harm minimization that will help you retain your job, your business and your sanity.

What shouldn’t you do?

Here are 14 Twitter mistakes to be avoided to ensure that the boss values you on Monday morning, your wife still loves you on Friday evening and your career path is not hijacked by an insane moment.

How to Suck at Twitter

Infographic source: Boot Camp Digital 

So what about you?

Have you ever tweeted something that you still regret. Have you ever seen a tweet that made you wince.

What is the most terrible tweet you have seen in your Twitter stream or heard of?

Look forward to hearing your stories and experiences in the comments below.



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  • I did not think that it was possible to find 14 ways that anybody could suck at using Twitter. But I’m glad to say that you have proved me wrong Jeff.

  • The absolute worst tweet I saw was from a ‘social media guru’ who blasted for hours on end an organization that was promoting a seminar about ‘connecting’ and they had not hired him to talk about connecting using social media. After his first post, the oranization said this years schedule of speakers was full but perhaps next year. He continued to blast them so he lost at least one follower and I am sure they will not hire him for future public engagements!

    • Thanks for the example. I am sure we are going to get a few more!

  • Thanks for the laugh, Jeff, very entertaining!

    • Thanks. Sometimes I think we take social media way too seriously! 🙂

  • Under the “never engaging” category, you could have subcategories like “never promote or retweet your followers” or “never thank your followers”, etc.

  • I was surprised that there are 14 ways that folk can mess up using Twitter but on reflection, I have seen most of these at some time. Entertaining 🙂

  • Anna Mawrick

    Nice post. you said it very rightly, don’t drink and tweet or don’t tweet when angry.


  • I don’t think the Thou Shall Not Tweet at 4 am is really a social media sin. There are a lot of night owls/insomniacs like me who find it easier to find good content during those “off hours” – much less noise to filter. And surprisingly, I’ve had some good conversations at this time. Plus, we’re all global marketers, so it’s 9 am somewhere.

    Now tweeting at 4am on a Saturday morning after coming back from a bar is a different story….

  • juliebrowning

    Oh this is great. Thanks so much! I strive every day to not suck at Twitter!

  • Caroline Smith

    My social media class recently did a project on the good, the bad, and the ugly of social media campaigns. Most of the bad and ugly examples stemmed from seemingly minor mistakes made by employees, such as accidentally tweeting from their employer’s account instead of theirs. Even if the tweet is deleted relatively fast, the words are still out there and the negative backlash, as we have found in our research, can be detrimental to the company’s image.
    -Caroline Smith, Tulane University

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  • Raquel M Ramirez

    Wow that’s surprising that Kenneth Cole’s brand would do such a faux pas. Love this infographic. Now watch me share it! 🙂 Awesome sauce Jeff.

  • Portman

    Ya i strongly believe your words Jeff Bullas,you rises very good points on twitter ,some points even i don’t know that but i learned now.thanks for the valuable information. Check here

  • Love this infographic! Sharing on my blog, now! 🙂


  • james mathewe

    Awesome post. Yes twitter is one of famous social media to engage with audience. You have shared nice info-graphic image its really clear understanding. Thank you so much for your effort on this post.