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27 Tips To Make Your Brand A Social Media Powerhouse

Social Media is everywhere, in fact you can no longer escape it. Facebook and Twitter are on your mobile, laptop and home computer. Turn on the news on the TV or the radio and there is a discussion about how Facebook and social media were the facilitators of the Egyptian revolution.27 Tips To Make Your Brand A Social Media Powerhouse

Try these social media tools:

  • UseViral can enhance your social media presence by increasing your followers, likes, reach, views, engagement and more.
  • InVideo generates fast videos with an AI talking avatar presenter, no video production needed. Customize using presets or your own style.

In fact I think we should no longer call it social media because it is really now becoming the social web.

Dries Buytaert the founder of Drupal said

Initially people added a blog to their main website. I think the future is much more integrated, where social is part of everything you do, every website

Websites, blogs and emails and other digital assets are now being designed and used with the goal of  weaving social into the whole fabric of the web. Social media should be like electricity, available  everywhere and so easy to use that your company’s presence becomes ubiquitous.

Weaving the social web manually is tiring and inefficient but tools are now emerging such as Objective Marketer that can automate and assist you in publishing and updating to multiple digital and social channels.

The question you and your team should be asking is:

How can I use social media in creative ways that integrates into every corner of what we do as a company to get our message out and our brand appearing everywhere?

So how do you integrate a social web into your company’s digital assets including Facebook and Twitter that will drive traffic and increase your sales and inquiries.

27 Tips To Make Your Brand A Social Media Powerhouse


  • Link to your Facebook page in your email newsletter
  • Post your news releases to Facebook as an update
  • Link to your blog and website on Facebook
  • Run competitions on Facebook
  • Ask customers to vote on two new products to see which one will sell (Supre do this on their Facebook page
  • Advertise on Facebook

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  • Video 2 minute reviews of your products and upload them to YouTube
  • Interview your company’s experts who are passionate about what they do and literally embed them virtually into your website and blogs.
  • Interview customers by video
  • Interview your companies key strategic partners on video and upload those to YouTube
  • Record your seminars and post it to YouTube

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Evolve your blog into a social portal by including these social features

  • Retweet buttons as a standard feature of your blog
  • Facebook Social plugin (this will then update everyone who “likes” your company Facebook page when a new update hits the Facebook stream)
  • Facebook share feature
  • Embed and feature YouTube videos on the blog in the side panel and in posts
  • Place a LinkedIn share button at the top of each post

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  • Put your companies Twitterfeed on its LinkedIn profile
  • Link to Facebook on the profile (you have 3 website URL’s available to use)
  • Link To your Companies blog from LinkedIn
  • Activate the LinkedIn blog feature panel

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  • Retweet buttons on your blog
  • Tweet buttons on your email
  • Tweet specials to your brands followers
  • Monitor Twitter noise for customer feedback
  • Create multiple twitter accounts that communicate to each of your vertical markets

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Social Mobile

  • Develop a mobile app that includes features makes it easy for people to share with their friends on Facebook or Twitter
  • Register with Facebook places and start offering specials to people who checkin nearby on their mobile phone

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This social integration will engage all your high leverage social channels that make the difference to your companies success or failure and there are only three of these.

  1. Customer
  2. Employees
  3. Business Partners

Integrate the social web into every corner of your digital presence then publish, share and promote your unique content including videos, blogs and articles and then watch your customers crowd source your companies brand for you by digital world of mouth on social media channels such as Facebook ,Twitter and LinkedIn!

Image by Dave W Clarke

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