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57 Facts and Figures on the Money and Power in YouTube Viral Videos – Infographic

Viral. It used to mean a catching a bad disease that brought sickness or death. Now it means “fame and fortune” via a social media channel called YouTube.Facts and Figures on Viral YouTube Videos

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How things have changed.

The art of going viral is moving beyond one time flukes to a formula and a process. We only have to look at the success of viral video campaigns such as “Old Spice ” to start to gain an insight into what it takes to move the viewing dial from 30 views to 30 million.

The Old Spice campaign started with a combination of mass media (Television) and social media (YouTube, Twitter and Facebook) that was mixed together to achieve the following:

  • The number one most viewed sponsored channel on YouTube at the time
  • 266 million YouTube Views
  • 80,000 Twitter followers in 2 days (followers are now 220,000+ )
  • Facebook interaction increased 800% with the personalized videos (Facebook fans now total over 2.5 million)
  • Sales figures increased by 107 %

Despite the 11 key elements that produced the success of this campaign, sometimes we see the breakthrough of a viral video that has no rhyme or reason. It just “happens” to capture the imagination of the global public.

Fame and Fortune

Who would have a thought a plump Korean man doing some strange horse riding dance moves would go viral? PSY’s  video was the first to break 1 billion views and the  “Gangam Style” YouTube Channel has now passed 2 billion views.

That is fame.

What about the fortune? It is estimated that he has earned:

  • $4.6 million from commercial deals
  • $4 million from YouTube Ads 
  • $3.9 million from digital downloads

Nearly $12M and counting.

The industry behind YouTube videos from production to media and advertising is becoming so big that YouTube has opened a 41,000 Sq. foot production space in Los Angeles and has opened facilities in London and Tokyo.

The Facts and Figures of YouTube Viral Videos

Here are 57 facts and figures that show the challenge that social media is bringing to the traditional media industry.

Infographic on the Facts and Figures of YouTbe Viral Video

Source of Infographic: Masters in Marketing 

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