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9 Reasons Why Facebook Needs the “I Don’t Care” Button – Infographic

Do you remember when you joined Facebook? What was it like when you put in your details and joined the world’s biggest social network?9 Reasons Why Facebook Needs the I Don't Care Button - Infographic

When those friends, family and old college acquaintances came up on your screen and you were invited to connect with them after years and maybe decades of no contact.

For me many looked the same, others a bit older and some I couldn’t recognize. It was a bit of a “Wow” moment. Global connection in an instant in full living color.

The network touched us, connected us and provided glimpses into lives forgotten but still lived. It allowed us to share photos, videos and stories of our adventures. Some glimpses into others lives are exciting, others intriguing and some just border on the mundane and mad.

Engaging with your friends online from your news feed can be done in a variety of ways from placing a comment, sharing the update  or just hitting “like” if we don’t have much time.

But we are still working out the ways to play.

Does the “Like” button need an alternative?

The ever present “like” button seems to have been with us forever. In fact it has only been with us for just over four years on personal pages and replaced the “become a fan” button on brand pages in June, 2010.

We have all seen those updates from friends where we silently say “I didn’t want to know that!” Other reactions are sometimes “too much information” and sometimes you feel like saying “I don’t care“.

Maybe we need buttons like “funny” when you see an update like this.

I am proud of myself. I finished the puzzle in just 6 months while the box said 2 to 4 years“.

9 Updates Deserving the “I Don’t Care” Button

Here is a fun look at 9 types of  updates that don’t need a like button.

Do we need a Facebook I don't care button

Infographic source: By www.themaplekind.com  – where you can waste a lot of time and also have a chuckle.

What About You?

Do you often see updates that needed something stronger than the “like” button?

What is the best Facebook update you have seen?

Look forward to your comments.

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Image by Eveline314

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  • Jeff Kershner

    I’m sure some would agree that ALL of Facebook could be one big “I Don’t Care” button.

  • Or at least a 1-5 rating system. I’d love to be able to order the priority of source.

  • This post made me laugh, Jeff. LOL God, I can think of one person in particular that I, literally, scream at (in my head) saying “I don’t CARE!” It’s always about her wonderful life and wonderful husband and wonderful kids and wonderful breakfast and wonderful new 2000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and… ;o)

  • This article is more about fun than being serious but there is a lot of truth to humor very often.

  • The picture at the end of this article concerns me.lol That’s what I get for looking down instead of across.

    • Rob Schneider

      wish you hadn’t mentioned that.

      • LOL Sorry but oh my gosh I was like wow what the heck is that? Too funny 🙂 Then I looked at it again and finally figured it out.

  • Andy Sommers

    Jeff, this is great. Well-written post and a really amazing infographic. Did you make the infographic yourself?

    • Thanks and I am glad you enjoyed it. I didn’t create it but it is by Alessandro at http://www.themaplekind.com – where you can waste a lot of time and also have a chuckle. The attribution is directly underneath the infographic

  • Nice one Jeff! Facebook Fatigue has definitely set in. A lot of peeps in my network aren’t active at all & use IG as an alternative. My feed is more informative now based on content I need (like yours!) and organisations I follow.

  • Jeff, I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. I never wanted to join Facebook but the birth of a child in our family from out of state made me give in. I shared quite a bit and did my fair share of Like clicks. I’ve since unliked probably 90%. Facebook will find it tough to compete with Google + in the long run because Google + doesn’t have to force feed you ads and brands since they generate their money elsewhere. Glen Cochrane you are right on the money.

  • I plead the 5th 😉

  • If everyone hits the “I don’t care button” for those kinds of posts, I don’t think there will be any left.

  • Bob Brown

    It good to know that there are others who feel the same way you do!!

  • Coolbeans

    That’s right! Or get off the computer and get a frickin life… like I care! 😉 On second though, IDFC at all! So whatever!

  • Alina

    Great article. We really need this button. Maybe Facebook will listen to our demand!

  • Rob Schneider

    “Honking at total strangers and pretending to know them” is exactly how I felt trying to get so-called “friends” on Facebook and the main reason why I have never liked it. Any post that pokes fun at Facebook is a good post. This post is a great one

  • This – should we even call this visual an infographic? – really made me laugh. I mean, I’ve seen myself in every one of the depicted above. It’s just brilliant and I couldn’t agree more with that. Thanks for sharing this with us, @jeffbullas:disqus.

    • the_maple_kind

      Well, I’m calling them “infocomics”. I think it’s more accurate than “infographics”
      But the important thing is that made you laugh! After this, you can call it whatever you want! 🙂

      • I think the one word for it is “Enjoy”

  • I do not post much lame stuff like that on Facebook, but this article hurts me as an authentic Facebook user for personal purposes.
    I took on my job as a social media enthusiast because I use Facebook in an authentic manner – to have more friends and get to know more people, not to make business or promote some blog with ulterior motives.
    Let people be. It is a free site.
    If you don’t like what you see, “unfriend” or learn how to regulate what shows on your news feed. It’s a shame if you use Facebook for marketing purposes and yet not know how to control your settings. Geez. You earn from the usage of the site. Maybe your career even depends on it. SO love all of these people who express themselves freely. They will bring you money!

    This is pretty much like walking down the street. You can’t help but see all the people wearing what they like to wear or doing what they do while they are on the street. Main point being, that street is free for all. But the freedom there also has some rules to guide users too (so no nudity, no drugs, etcetera). Nevertheless you can’t just go ahead and tell everyone you don’t like that you don’t like them. What happened to manners and acceptance?

    • Joeri Willems

      Jennifer, the fact that you adore Facebook just because it will bring you money, the fact that you don’t see the cynicism in this post, the fact that you don’t even get the real (and valid) point this guy is making, it is really really exactly why I worry about the future of this planet sometimes.

      But really, how you adore it for the money it generates for you, and defend its existence. Facebook was a social tool invented purely with a social purpose, with a goal to make social life better, more connected, more fun. Nowadays it is slowly turning into this commercial money machine that tries to exploit its previous success…

      I’d happily pay FB x euros a month to stop that shit and go back with a pure and only focus on allowing me to enjoy and grow my social network, with no catches, pitfalls or shady tricks.

    • Joeri Willems

      oh yes, by the way, the only reason why FB doesn’t allow negative “I don’t like this’ buttons is, because it can destroy a brand’s reputation. And these brands would not pay FB good money for that, of course.

      But the lack of it, makes FB into this over-positive surreal platform. Being original is cool. Being different is not. People no longer tend to make up their opinions themselves and instead “read” what the public thinks of it.. And that kind of atmosphere was breeding grounds for people like.. yes, Hitler.. If you ever wonder how a whole (peaceful) German nation can enter a war with the rest of the world, i invite you to visit the National History museum in Berlin. It draws a nice picture of how public media back then, and some very smart, trendy but evil politicians were able to lure a whole population into a political trap which they would all regret for the rest of their lives.

  • I see some people just writing “meh” on the posts

  • Jaclyn Webster

    This post could not be more accurate! & I have been saying this for forever! So many posts on Facebook are completely ridiculous and I think that people need to know when enough is enough. I often times see the same people posting picture after picture of something like “share if you believe etc” and it’s just absurd!

  • you are right Jeff I Don’t Care is the best so i can stop blocking my friends

  • What if FB had a flag option for the I Don’t Carebutton? If enough ppl hit the button that post would be yanked from everyone’s newsfeed. It would be a golden age for the trolls!

  • C. Cole

    You people bashing others with this “I don’t care” meme are moronic. It’s not up to YOU to determine what’s relevant for someone else. It is their page, not yours. If you get annoyed with their posts, take them out of your News Feed. Or unfriend them. It’s the height of conceit to think someone’s personal updates should cater to your every liking. Get over yourself.

    • Or, you could just ignore them. Is there some rule that says you have to take some action such as clicking a button or making a comment? Geeeez! just ignore the ones that don’t interest you!

  • I love a good infocomic! That being said, while there have been plenty of times I’ve thought WTFC, I appreciate the value of FB. I agree people way over share…they need to be taught better or perhaps they are the type that never learn or are lonely and just looking for someone, anyone who does care about their mundane goings on. Not my place to judge. I will say I wish it had a LOVE button as well. Now, perhaps we can discuss Twitter, the reposting ad nauseum of the same articles from “highly acclaimed” Twits 😉 Jeff Bullas is not guilty of this (which impresses me with his sheer amount of valuable content) and means his accolades are well earned…something I’m beginning to question in regards to many others. If I had to choose one to keep, it would be Jeff

  • I’d actually like to see your thoughts on the type of posts THAT SHOULD be made that deserve likes.

    I agree some-most posts are very irritating (and has made me either unfriend or remove from news feed).

    • I think that is a great idea and I will go away now and create a draft post on “The Top 10 Facebook posts that beg to be shared and “liked”

  • I don’t care

  • Meg McAllister

    I see the humour in the piece, and I also confess to perhaps having this sentiment occasionally while reading through posts on FB, or tweets on Twitter, or viewing Instagram photos, etc. Just as I’m sure there are a times that people I’m connected to have felt the same about my contributions. But as Jennifer pointed out below, if you’re authentically engaged on social media and not just looking to promote yourself/your company/your product or simply engaging in social media to “collect” people because your ego needs have more friends, fans, tweeps, than the next guy, then the “I don’t care” button shouldn’t be necessary. Why are you friends with or following people whose content you don’t care about in the first place? Would you tell someone that you loved, liked, worked with, that you didn’t care about them (what they were feeling or had to say) to their face? So why would it suddenly be okay to be uncivil just because we’re in the digital realm? If you don’t have interest or patience for someone’s content, unfriend or unfollow them. Or adjust your social media settings so that you’re not seeing everything they post/tweet. If you have a real issues post a comment, or send that person a message/email and be upfront. Having an “I don’t care button” just opens the door for mean-spiritedness and cyber bullying.

    • Ditko

      I don´t care 🙂

  • claudia aguirre

    There is already an ‘I don’t care’ button, it’s called ‘Hide this post’ or ‘Unfriend/Unfollow’.

  • Laura

    I think people should think whether or not what they’re about to say is something they would share in real life


  • Cheryl Bryant Rushing

    Flippin Hilarious, Jeff, I’ve tweeted AND facebooked this. Thanx for the multi-chuckle.

  • Neha

    LOL. Also check out the 10 most annoying types of Facebookers: http://digitalsynopsis.com/buzz/most-annoying-facebook-habits 😛