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F-Commerce: 10 Tips For A Successful Facebook Store

F-Commerce is a word you will hear more of over the next few months as Facebook commerce or online stores embedded within Facebook become popular and widespread.

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F-Commerce10 Tips For A Successful Facebook Store

F-Commerce will become another online channel for businesses to sell products and services with all the marketing power that Facebook provides.

Facebook’s ecosystem evolution is naturally extending to online shopping where you can buy your favorite brands products and services while using Facebook. As outlined in a previous article F-Commerce: Is Facebook The New Shop of the Future? the revolution has commenced whether you have noticed it or not.

Pampers Facebook Shop is integrated into it’s Facebook fan page using Amazon’s web store which keeps you within the Facebook environment right up until checkout where you are then taken offsite to Amazon’s shopping cart system, breaking the Facebook experience.

FCommerce store Pampers Facebook store

Why Set up a Shop In Facebook?

Well here are the compelling facts and figures if you haven’t already heard them before

  • 600 million users
  • Average of 130 friends each to share your latest shopping experiences especially how much you have saved
  • 14 minutes per day on-site (the average total time on Facebook now exceeds Google)
  • 40% of people use social networking sites when shopping online
  • 68% of fans visit retailer pages to keep up to date with sales and promotions
  • Fans are 41% more likely to recommend a product
  • For some businesses 20% of sales are through their Facebook store
  • Cart values are 7-10% higher via Facebook
  • The number of transactions in Facebook stores is increasing 10% per month

If you have all these advantages then it is only natural that F-Commerce is set to transform retail.

So what would a great F-Commerce store application(s) require to make it a success?

10  Tips For A Successful Facebook Store

  1. Choose a shop application that is easy to set-up and you can customize your Facebook shop store
  2. Tell your customers where to find your store and how it works
  3. Import your email into your promotions app
  4. Actively promote your products, promotions and discounts using email, Twitter and Facebook
  5. Use great high definition photos and images
  6. Use your wall like it’s your shop window
  7. Reward your fans with exclusive discounts and promotions
  8. You stay within the Facebook ecosystem from  product browsing to checkout
  9. You can measure with inbuilt analytics and tools but also be able to add Google analytics and Facebook Insights to your toolkit analytics tools.
  10. You don’t have to be computer programmer so you can make your own changes quickly and efficiently to your design and F-Commerce landing page

These will all be available with a new Facebook Fan Page Toolkit soon to be announced that will provide 3 Facebook apps that allow you to set up and run your Facebook store without having to know programming or computer coding.

Fanpage App:

  • Design and set up your Fanpage Facebook store front window without being a programmer or designer

Promotion App:

  • Promote your store by allowing importing of emails and integrating Twitter and Facebook messaging to take full advantage of Facebook and social media’s marketing leverage.

F-Commerce App:

  • Setup your store with products and images with many features and functions including inbuilt analytics, which will assist you in making changes to your marketing tactics so that you can improve your stores performance

Here is a sample screen shot of what is coming.

F-Commerce Facebook Fanpage Toolkit Online Shop

Is that something that might excite you?

I will keep you posted with this total “Facebook Fanpage Toolkit”  being launched and available in the next few weeks for you to set up your own F-Commerce store on Facebook.

This will be game changer for small to medium businesses that want to set up a shop online but thought it was too hard.

What do you think? Could you use this for your business?

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