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How to Get 50% More Impressions on Your Facebook Page

The web was for many years a static one way medium with no features and functions that allowed you to comment or interact with the published content.How to get 50 percent More impressions to Your Facebook page

It was set and forget.

The social web and social business is about publishing content that is designed to create interaction and engagement. Initial small engagement leads to deeper interactions with the ultimate action being a “sale” There are many types of content we can publish on our web properties to drive this engagement.

  • When publishing to Blogs, content is typically more text based with photos added to enhance the look and feel of the article.
  • On Twitter, it is text which can include a link with no multimedia due to its 140 character limit and inherent platform design.
  • Facebook is a publishing multimedia platform that makes it easy for people to post a variety of media including text, photos and videos

One of the challenges for the modern marketer is to publish content that engages with their audience and drives the most sharing so their ideas and brand will spread on the web. On Facebook the marketer is looking to create engagement and drive more likes, comments and shares.

What are the Three Best Ways to Achieve more Engagement  on Facebook?

According to a study by Roost.com after evaluating 10,000 Facebook and twitter posts by 8,000 small businesses across 50 industries they found that if you wanted to drive more engagement then these are the top tactics.

  1. Photo posts – they received 50% more impressions than any other post type or media type
  2. Quotes – these provide 22 percent more interactions when compared to all post types
  3. Questions generate almost twice as many comments as any other post type

The report also showed that if you want to have your published content shared across fan’s networks then links were 87% more likely to be shared than any other type of post.

What are the Top Two Tactics for Driving Twitter Retweets?

As Twitter is much more text based and driven by the pithy soundbite, it was not unexpected to discover the following from the report:

  • Quotes drive 54% more ReTweets than any other type of Tweet
  • Status updates are the second highest driver of engagement

I certainly have noticed on Twitter that there are people with large Twitter follower numbers that seem to have been primarily created by posting quotes regularly on Twitter. How to apply quote updates that are relevant to a business setting may require some creativity! The essence of this study is to not forget the importance of photos in your marketing tactics on Facebook to drive deeper engagement with your customers and prospects.

How are you using photos in your marketing tactics on Facebook? More Reading

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