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How to Market your Personal Online Brand on 10 Social Media Networks

How would you feel if your Facebook page was shut down? What if your blog, where you create, post your ideas and thoughts was turned off?How to Market your Personal Online Brand on 10 Social Media Networks

What would your reaction be if your Twitter account went blank?

These are questions that we often don’t want to contemplate.

For me, the reaction would be one of loss. My persona is now woven and embedded in and on the web. It is where I express myself, share and learn.

Our online world is becoming an extension of who we are. This virtual sphere is becoming real. If you work in a knowledge industry or the creative arts then it is essential to define and market yourself online.

Influence , knowledge and power is being digitised. There is no turning back. If you want to continue to be effective and relevant, then there is no choice.

Jobs, careers and businesses are being created, driven and determined by the social web.

Avatars come to life

The platforms and social media channels we are creating are taking on a life of their own. Our avatars are breathing. They are digital signatures with a hidden pulse.

It is not just where you create, express and think. It is also where you meet. This meeting of minds is where you change others in real time and they leave their imprint on you. We are all evolving through rapid exchange.

No longer do we need to catch up face to face to start a conversation, pose an idea or network.

Social networking is a duopoly

Networking was the province of the cocktail party, the conference or a breakfast meetup.

They still are.

Jobs are found, business opportunities are discovered and friendships made. Sometimes though the pushing of the business card under someone’s nose smells of desperation.

Now it’s a bit more like “here is my card you can check me out later online

Blogs, social media networks now accelerate the networking process. They allow us to create weak ties online from New York, to London and Rio de Janeiro. Online platforms facilitate and accelerate the discovery. They are efficient.

The strong ties happen when we break bread, catch up for a coffee or share a wine together.

We need both.

How to use social networks to grow your personal brand

Sometimes the question is asked, “which social network should I use?

The answer will vary according to your industry, your target market and your goals.  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are no brainers. Then it comes down to time, resources and often some experimentation.

Here are some tips and tactics to use 10 social networks to enhance and market your personal and online brand.

How to Market your Personal Online Brand on 10 Social Media Networks

Source: Launchyourself.com

What about you?

How important has your online brand become to you?  Could you live without it? Is it part of who you are?

How do you market your personal online brand? Facebook, blog or LinkedIn?

How many social networks are you on?

Look forward to hearing your successes, challenges and thoughts in the comments below.

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  • venkyiyer58

    Is it absolutely necessary to have both your “personal website” and your “own blog”, or is it possible to have a combination of the two?

    • There is no right or wrong model for this. Some bloggers have one site that is based upon their focus eg problogger for blogging and another for digital photography but the personal brand shines through more on one than the other. It is certainly worth securing your name as a domain name.

  • Richard Pearce

    Thanks for the post, in particular the social networks infographic. I haven’t delved into the Google Authorship realm, but it seems like a really good idea. Has it improved your post traffic?

    • It is hard to split out the difference from Google Authorship, so the short answer is I don’t know. What I do know is that optimizing each post for SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is very important either with a plugin such as “All in one SEO” or Yoast. My blog now receives about half it’ traffic from search

  • Robert “The Robdog”Littlefield

    wow that got screwed up somehow.Ill make this quick! Is it better toi go ahead and separate the blogs for say branding purposes or is it ok ro post all together.I got a blog where Im thinking to actually combine a little ole fashioned brick and mortar with some I.M. tactics as well. Focusing on value and straight up solutions about different ideas. Is it better to split and separate or solidarity!

    • Hey Robert, Better to split and get focused

  • Thanks for your comments Laura and glad to hear you enjoyed the book.

  • Yes Maegan if you do all of these it is great. The journey though is one step at a time.

  • Thanks for that Cheri 🙂

  • Thanks Stephen and glad to hear you are enjoying the book. Implementing something like “hover” that you are not comfortable with is totally up to you.

  • Yes Heather the landscape is overwhelming. Sometimes the decision is more about what social media platform not to be on. The decision should be based upon the social networks that have the largest audience that suits your target market. LinkedIn is maybe one not to be on based upon yur industry.

  • Cheri Carroll

    Jeff, I read your blog all the time, and I sometimes feature you in mine because you have such great advice. That’s okay with you?

    My 2nd question is this: If I use some of the info that you give in your blog, what about the photos? You have great visuals, and I am assuming that you purchase them. Am I allowed to use them? I have not been doing so — don’t want to violate anyone’s copyrights. As you can tell, I’m a newbie at blogging and don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. thanks so much, Cheri Carroll http://adhelper.biz

    • Thanks Cheri Yes I do purchase most of them. I don’t know what the rules on copyright are if you are attributing my blog which links back to the original photos.

  • Anna Pham

    Those tips are so essential for me as a bloggers, and I do think it is important to interact actively on different social networks.

  • “Online platforms facilitate and accelerate the discovery. They are efficient.” So true. As long as you create strong shares and content, can you really have too many social profiles for personal branding?