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The Facts and Figures about the Power of Visual Content – Infographic

We all know that images are compelling. The growth of  visual content has been on a rapid upward trajectory over the last 12 months.The Facts and Figures on the Power of Visual Content - Infographic

Social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram have taken the social media world by storm.

Instagram announced in July that it had acquired 80 million users. To put some further perspective on its adoption and growth, the visual social media network is now being used by 40% of the worlds top 100 brands.

Compete.com recently released a report showing that Instagram was the fastest growing web property on the planet amongst the top 50 websites. The report stated that it had grown from 16 million to 22 million unique visitors in just one month, which is a growth rate of 38% in just 30 days!

So How Powerful is Visual Content on Social Media?

Simply Measured looked at Facebook’s top 10 brand pages to find out the real numbers and facts and figures on the engagement and sharing levels of photos and videos in comparison to text and discovered:

  • Videos are shared 1,200 percent more than links and text posts combined
  • Photos are liked 200% more than text updates

To put some perspective on the power of visual content other studies show that Photo and video posts on Pinterest are referring more traffic than Twitter, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn and Google+.

For more insights into the power of visual content below are some more revelations.

5 Reasons your should be using Images in your Marketing

Infographic by mbooth.com with data sourced from simplymeasured.com 


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  • Jeff,
    Amazing information on the importance of visual content above textual content. Social media continues to move towards using more videos and visual content. We in the marketing business need to adjust our emphasis as well if we are to connect with our audience effectively.
    Thanks for the good points.

    • THanks for the comment Jerry. Providing content in a variety of media that offers the broadest appeal possible on as many social networks as possible increases the chances of it being read and then shared. Get it right and it becomes contagious content.

  • Visual content isn’t for every company but keep looking for a way to do it maybe through Infographics.

  • Thanks Martin for the question I have produced quite a few videos
    See here: http://www.youtube.com/user/jeffbullas?feature=mhee
    About to create a new series, so watch this space :).
    The challenge with video is that editing and making it professional does take a considerable amount of time.

  • Dealwagger

    Thanks for the great info! Woof

  • Great post and infographic. Thanks and kudos Jeff!

    Can you tell me the source and the sampling that Simply Measured used that produced the photos 200% and videos 1200% number?


  • Short video that doesn’t auto start that is 1-2 minutes but if your wanting to use video as a free gift to build a an email list then that could be a video tutorial that offers great value and that could be an 30 minutes to even an hour!

  • Kumarjit Sarkar

    Great piece of information.,kudos to you!! I was wondering how can a content or information be shared with the audience using photos and not info graphics.

  • Adam McKendi

    Great Post Jeff.
    A event better, you take time to respond to each and every question asked to you. You’re such a good exemple

  • Fusionist

    Thanks and great information. It may look a very old saying but we human are behind pictures and videos!

    How easy or difficult for small startups to make an entry with pictures/videos in social contents offering?

  • Angie Taffs

    A great article as always

  • Sabrina Kizzie

    Wonderful information, I will share this infographic with my class! Thanks for posting!
    Sabrina Kizzie, Author & Social Media Lecturer
    -Twitter & Instagram: @Sabrinaonmove