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The Planet’s Top 5 Pinners on Pinterest

The expression of passion is no more evident than on Pinterest.The Worlds Top 5 Pinners on Pinterest

So if you love fashion, create a Pinterest account and start pinning photos of images that display what has caught your eye. It might be the color, the style or the the texture of the fabric.

Food bloggers now have another platform to share their gourmet fascinations that are all about the photos and adds another media channel to spread their influence that is simple and focused.

Previously “invisible” experts have bubbled to the top on Pinterest because they now have a global platform and pulpit for displaying their skills, passions and interests in a visual manner with images and photos.

They have moved from invisible to visible due to social media. This was not possible just 5 years ago. The opportunity to display your creativity to the world is now just a click away.

Self expression has indeed become the new entertainment.

Some are bloggers and others aren’t. The top three on this list also have a blog. One of the top five pinners is the mother of one the co-founders of Pinterest.

In looking at the list, the dominance of design, fashion and food is obvious and seems to be a mandatory requirement to join the elite. This topic dominance also displays the majority female demographic that is prominent on Pinterest.

According to some statistics the ladies share of Pinterest users is 80%.

1. Joy Cho on Pinterest

Blogger since 2005 that loves design, fashion and food. She also is an author with two books “Creative, Inc” and and “Blog, Inc” and through her business Oh,Joy!, designs textiles, packaging, and branding for clients in the fashion and food industries and consults other creative businesses

She has contributing artists and these include photographer and fellow pinner Bonnie Tsang who ranks at number three and Bekka Palmer who was one of her original contributors who ranks at number two. It seems there is a cadre of Pinterest pinners that have worked out how to play the pinning game.

Followers on Pinterest: 11,689,972

Location: Los Angeles

Number of Boards: 77 

Joy Cho Top 5 on Pinterest

2. Bekka Palmer on Pinterest

Bekka blogs at Bekkapalmer.com (a Tumblr Blog) on mainly food and design including fashion, but manages to keep herself busy by participating at Studiomates and Tatty Design.

Followers on Pinterest:  7,723,465

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Number of Boards: 36 

Bekka Palmer Top 5 on Pinterest

3. Bonny Tsang on Pinterest

Bonny is also a blogger and her early passion was for fashion. Her other passions include art, design, food and travel. She makes her living as a professional photographer and also maintains a photography blog.

Followers on Pinterest: 7,382,335

Location: Los Angeles

Number of Boards: 42

Bonnie Tsang Top 5 on Pinterest 4. Maryann Rizzo on Pinterest

Maryann is an interior designer and her interests include design,cooking,garden.entertaining and travelling in style. She is a founding consultant for Willow House.

Followers on Pinterest: 7,314,878

Location: Northeast, USA

Number of boards: 245 

Maryann Rizzo Top 5 on Pinterest

5. Jane Wang on Pinterest

Jane’s story is a little different, in that her son is one of the co-founders of Pinterest. Food and design are prominent on her boards but she has a quirky range of interests displayed including “favourite characters”, issues and and an “Octopus” board just to mix it up.

Followers on Pinterest:  7,114,529

Location: Unknown

Number of boards: 98

Jane Wang Top 5 on Pinterest

What About You?

What are you pinning on Pinterest? What images and photos seem to gain the most traction? Is it home style, fashion, food?

Is it attracting more clients? If you have an online store are you using it to drive sales?

Tip: If you want to hire a Pinterest expert or freelancer, try Fiverr.com.

Look forward to hearing your stories in the comments below.

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Image by Jurgen Apello 

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