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What is Increasing Twitter Sign Ups by 300 Percent?

Sometimes the best things in life are the simple things. It may be a ride on a bike in the early morning dawn or a walk on the beach at twilight. Less is sometimes more and a minimalist life without clutter and too much baggage can bring more joy to the daily journey. What is Increasing Twitter Sign Ups by 300 Percent

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Twitter with its 140 characters is a simple and  minimalist social network platform in a web world of noise and distractions, where we are enticed by so many videos, images and words.

In 5 years, its simple essence has not wavered or lost focus and Twitter has managed to seize each opportunity as it came its way.

Whether it is in business or life one just one opportunity can produce a benefit and change that can take you to the next level.

You Just Need One Opportunity

It appears that for Twitter that opportunity could be it’s new relationship with Apple,  with Twitter now embedded in IOS5 (Apple’s new operating system for mobile devices) that was announced in June and and as reported in an article “Apple makes Huge Announcement about Twitter“. In the article I covered the 5 major implications for Apple and Twitter and a bold prediction.

Twitter is now an integral part of the menu on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. This integration into the native Apple menu has consequently provided exposure for Twitter to Apple’s 200 million plus mobile customers that it never had before with IOS5 now launched!

Twitter now embedded in the Apple IOS5 Operating system for mobiles

The Apple Effect on Twitter

At the recent Web 2.0 Summit Dick Costolo the CEO of Twitter, said that the day after the launch of the Apple IOS5 on the market that  Twitter had increased its new subscriber sign-ups by 300% over its typical daily rate!

This has obviously been driven by the 24 million people using IOS5 one week after its initial launch.

These numbers consist of  more than 4 million new iPhone 4s smart phones which Apple sold in just one weekend (a new record) and over 20 million people downloading the new IOS5 for existing Apple mobile devices.

Some More Facts about Twitter

At the summit Dick Costolo also announced some revealing facts about Twitter usage

  • The company is now handling 250 million tweets per day which is a significant increase from the 90 million Tweets only one year before
  • 50% of Twitter users are now active every day whereas only 30% of users were active every day in January 2011

Also announced was Twitter’s lofty ambition to be on 2 billion devices around the world and reach every person on the planet.

How do they expect to achieve that?….”through simplifying

Marketing Takeaways

This embedding of Twitter on Apple devices is in effect the evolution of the humble 140 character texting and SMS medium, where the texts are hyperlinked to websites, blogs, videos, images and music. The simplicity remains on the surface but you can dive deep into what lies beneath the simple but now web linked 140 Twitter characters that texting could never do.

  • Twitter will become even more viral and powerful and reaching a global audiences either niche or mass will become even faster.
  • Marketers will need to reassess how to use Twitter in an increasingly mobile and social web that could be a market of over 5 billion smart phones within 5 years.
  • Credible sources are reporting  serious rumours that Twitter will deliver a self -serving advertising platform (like Google and Facebook) could take paid social media marketing to a new level and will need to be seriously considered by marketers in their future plans.
  • Growing your focused and targeted Twitter followers should become a focus and priority for brands both personal and corporate.

Twitter’s power to create real time online buzz has really only just started!

Are you ready?

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