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Who Are The 10 Most Influential Twitter Users In The World [Study]

The geeks in the labs are donning white coats and poking and probing the social networks with powerful servers and custom software to see how the human lab rats in the global social media labyrinth are reacting to certain stimuli.Who Are The 10 Most Influential Twitter Users In The World Study

The discoveries are quite enlightening and can assist us in understanding what we need to do to increase our influence.

The clever folk at Hewlett Packard Labs have been investigating what are some of the underlying forces at play in being influential on Twitter.

The team at HP Social Computing Lab is ably led by Bernardo A. Huberman who is the Director and a  Senior HP Fellow. HP Social Computing Labs focuses on methods for harvesting the collective intelligence of groups of people in order to realize greater value from the interaction between users and information.

In their research they also discovered who are the 10 most influential people and brands on Twitter according to the Hewlett Packard IP (Influence-Passive) Algorithm Rankings.

The formula is so complex it will turn your brains to mush if you only take a glimpse at it, but if you are brave and mathematically inclined you can check it out here in their research paper.

The 10 Most Influential People and Brands On Twitter

  1. Mashable – Social Media Blogger with 2,093,894 followers and on 56,687  lists
  2. Jokoanwar – Film Director with 83,839 followers and on 1,067 lists
  3. Google – Google News with 2,495,743 followers and on 46,155 lists
  4. Aplusk – Actor with 5,901,482 followers and on 59,775 lists
  5. Syfy – Science Fiction Channel with 48,867 followers and on 4,145 lists
  6. Smashingmag – Online Developer Magazine with 267,379 followers and on 21,854 lists
  7. Michellemalkin – Conservative Commentator with 112,602 followers and on 5,774 lists
  8. Theonion – News Satire Organisation with 2,410,864 followers and on 37,523 lists
  9. Rww – Tech/Social Media Blogger with 1,047,141 followers and on 11,463 lists
  10. Breakingnews – News Aggregator with 1,896,899 followers and on 32,178 lists

Do any of these influential Twitter users and brands appear on your list?

Image by CannonGod

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