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  • http://www.cactusandivy.com Lisa M. Rodgers

    I never really got used to MySpace and just recently started using Facebook. As a biz owner, it’s important to me to stay connected with my customers, present, past and future. I’ve made connections that I wouldn’t trade for a million dollars. And thanks to June Stoyer and Twitter, I’ve made a new and fabulous connection with you. Great post Jeff!

  • http://www.essentialwholesale.com Kayla @EssentialU

    Great post that I’ll be sharing with my team. Thanks

  • http://www.theorganicview.com June Stoyer

    I think at this point, Jeff, you should just add your site to the list of social media sites to spend time on. It’s almost as addicting as Africam.com lol

    Great post!

  • http://www.melodylealamb.com Melody Lamb

    What a great post loaded with valuable statistics! Thanks so much Jeff for putting this together. It’s fascinating to take a good hard look at these numbers and use them to help in our Social Network strategy.

  • http://GilmoreBusinessNetwork.com Glen D. GIlmore, Esq.

    Jeff, thanks for laying out some helpful stats on social media network demographics. Those unfamiliar with these networks often have major misconceptions about who their user are. Thanks for helping to dispel those misconceptions. Glen ~ @TrendTracker

  • http://www.smedio.com Douglas Idugboe

    Great post Jeff. If anyone ever wonder how they can use Social Media to boost their business, this post has just demystified the complexities and potential. Nicely done!

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  • http://webmarketer.co.za Brian Currin

    Excellent overview … time to update my Powerpoint Presentation I use for my web marketing talks!


  • http://www.baekdal.com Thomas Baekdal

    Hi Jeff,

    Interesting article, but something doesn’t add up.

    According to US Census Bureau, only 6.24% of the US population earn 100k+, which equals 19 million people.

    There are 138,660,280 Facebook users in the US, according FB own ad planner, and 32% of that is 44 million people.

    It is simply not physically possible (unless I got totally wrong data) that 32% of Facebook is in the upper income levels.

  • http://www.kathiemelocco.net.au Kathie Melocco

    Excellent resource, will add this to resources section. Thanks for sharing.0

  • http://www.robertjmcleod.com Robert McLeod

    Thomas is right….this post is quite useless with inaccurate stats. This post explains why:


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  • http://solusi-bersama.com solusi health is easy

    nice post.. i’m blogger from Indonesia.

    Thank you

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  • http://twitter.com/dimnitygirl Dimnity

    great post, very relevant today, but I also think no matter which platform you choose, the most important thing to remember is stay relevant and on topic…something I need to address!…these platforms are great but they are also places where you can easily get distracted and waste time. :(

  • Hssoto

    Great article. I’d love to see this updated to show how Pinterest fits into the social media platform grand picture, as they are now the 3rd largest social media site. 

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  • http://twitter.com/kilfrew Steve Jones

    LinkedIn works best for quick B2B sales success, but you have to know how to use it to get best benefit. Twitter is growing in importance – but which platform is best for you? it all comes down to your own best marketing mix!

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  • cluny grey jewelry

    What about Google+ ?

  • http://www.brandionaire.com/ Suzana Milijasevic Djuric

    Thanks Jeff for these infos. In Serbia Facebook is the most popular social network, then comes YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter which is used mostly by celebrities.

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