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  • http://twitter.com/socialtoppings Social Toppings

    Another plus for Facebook. The more advances in advertising with social networks continue to impress me. Many of my clients have jumped to Facebook advertising and are seeing significant improvements from previous Google Adwords campaigns. Is there any reason small biz would still prefer Google Adwords?

  • Anonymous

    Now all businesses have spread on different social sites and facebook is famous one for that. But now as google plus launched , facebook users move towards it due to advanced features of it. So this facebook new zip code facility may be affect on business positively and there is one new miramax application has arrived in facebook by which people can see the movie also. And so by short movie creation about business , one can also increase their  business.
    manual social bookmarking

  • http://twitter.com/himachhag hima chhag

    Very true”the battle for the on-line advertising continues to heat up.”

    When you can accurately target your audience, the benefit is larger.
    Waiting for more and more to come up.

  • http://ideagirlmedia.com/ Keri at Idea Girl Media

    Jeff, good stuff! Thanks for using my Facebook icon — Very cool to see it here used by such an awesome pro!! :)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=83503372 Justin Smith

    Great post! Makes perfect sense. I do a lot of local targeting with excellent CTR’s but have also noticed higher CPA, so while the visitor may be higher quality and in closer proximity to to the local business, it may cost a bit more per click.

  • Rob Willox

    Being able to refine targeting and segment your messaging down to zipcode level together with the other targeting options can only make your marketing more profitable and provide valuable insights if proper analysis and tracking is included.

    Just had a look at it and, as usual, not yet available as an option in the UK. Not sure exactly how zipcodes cover the US landscape but it might be more cumbersome in UK as postcodes are 2-part, the first part a large area with the second further segmenting the area.

    In itself a good option but some areas (ours) have more than 50 sub-segments (some only having a few houses/streets). Hopefully, when it does come to the UK it will allow the larger area to be chosen as a global selector with further refinement available if required.

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  • Hudson Hornick

    DNA? Domain Name Authority?

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