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10 Powerful Tips to Increase Fan Engagement on Facebook

Facebook is the social network preferred by most businesses when planning and implementing their social media marketing strategy.10 Powerful tips to increase Facebook Fan Engagement

Even though Twitter and YouTube are large social media networks, Facebook provides a marketing ecosystem that is multi-media rich and broad. There are literally tens of thousands of apps that can assist business with marketing on Facebook.

Even though it feels like Facebook has been part of our lives forever it must be noted that Facebook “Pages” for Business have only been with us for barely 3 years!

Business is Still Learning How to Use Facebook

Businesses are still learning the most effective tactics to apply when participating and engaging on Facebook.

The questions often being asked are

1. How often should we post?

2. What type of posts will drive fan engagement?

3. When should we publish our wall updates?

Research by Buddy Media reveals ways to create the most effective engagement for retailers when interacting with their fans on Facebook.

The findings reveal some interesting ways to increase the success of your Facebook marketing.

Even though this research was obtained from analyzing user engagement from the top 100 retailers Facebook pages during a 6 month period in 2011, some of the lessons outlined here could be applied to a wide range of business categories.

Here are the findings of the research.

1. Best time to post on Facebook

The analysis showed that it was best to post during times when fans were not at work and between the hours of 8pm and 7am. So to increase your “likes” and “comments”, post during “non-busy” hours.

Best time to post on Facebook

2. Best day to post on Facebook

Most of the brands researched posted regularly throughout the week. To improve engagement it is best to publish on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Best Day to Post on Facebook

3. How often should you post every day?

The research showed that quality not quantity counts when  publishing to your wall. One or two brand posts receive 32% higher “like” rates and 73% comment rates compared to posting 3 or more times a day.

How often you should be posting to Facebook per day

4. Most effective weekly post frequency

Achieve maximum user engagement by not over crowding users’ News Feeds with too many Posts during the week. Posting one to four times produces 71% higher user engagement than five or more Posts in a given

week for retail brands.

Facebook weekly post frequency

5. Length of posts

Retail brand Wall Posts less than 80 characters in length receive 66% higher engagement than longer Posts. Very concise Posts – those between one and 40 characters – generate highest engagement. Only 5% of all retail brand Wall Posts are less than 40 characters in length, even though these receive 86% higher fan engagement.

Keep Facebook posts short

6. Facebook post content

To begin a dialogue with fans, ask questions. Although retail brand Wall Posts containing questions receive slightly lower overall user engagement (‘likes’ and Comments), this type of Post generates mor e than double the amount of Comments as “non-question” Posts.

Retail brands looking to get fans talking (i.e., increase their Post Comment rates) should use “question” Posts.

Use OPen Questions on Facebook

7. Facebook post structure

One of the most underutilized Post techniques is one of the most engaging. Data shows that brand Posts employing the fill in the blank strategy (eg. I like…..) generate Comment rates nine times higher than other Post strategies. The data supports that this is a proven strategy unique to the retail industry, yet less than 1% of retail brands are utilizing this tactic.

Fill in the blanks posts on Facebook receive 9 times more comments

8. Key words for Facebook offers

When it comes to deals, fans look for a straightforward offer. The top ten sales keywords were analyzed to determine which receive the most user engagement. The data indicates that retail brand Posts containing the sales keywords “$ off” and “coupon” receive the highest fan engagement. Retail brand Posts containing “$ off” receive a 55% higher user engagement rate, followed by Posts containing the word “coupon,” which is 39% above the average.

Popular sales keywords, such as “sale” and “% off,” receive the lowest fan engagement.

Key Words for Facebook Offers

9. Coupon offers

Fans engage well with coupons. When offering coupons, don’t make fans do the math. The data indicates that “$ off” offers generate twice the engagement of “% off” offers for the retail industry. Even small “$ off” discounts – less than $10 – receive 17% higher engagement than “% off” promotions, showing that fans prefer tangible cash discounts, even if the actual dollar discount is small.

Dollars off works best on Facebook

Percentage off doesn't work as well as dollars off on Facebook

10. Keep posts simple

While interesting content can be added to W all Posts in the form of links, photos and videos, our data ind icates that simple Posts achieve the most engagement. The two most effective types of retail brand Posts contain a single photo attachment or use only words. Status-only Posts – Posts only containing words – receive 94% higher engagement than average.

Avoid more complicated Posts, such as those with attached links and thumbnail photos.

Avoid complicated wall posts on Facebook

What about you?

Do any of the findings revealed above resonate with your experience?

How have you increased your engagement with your customers and prospects on Facebook.

What tactics worked best for you?

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  • Hi Jeff, thanks for sharing this article. Can you let me know if those times are set under Australian time? I guess it will be different from us lot from UK 🙂

  • Ngaire

    I think the quality not quantity is right but i post about 8-10 times a day and have a hugely engaged page. I think it depends on what you are posting, what identity you have created for yourself and how receptive your audience is. I rarely if ever get told i am over posting. I agree with the 80 char or less – i also think this helps if you automatically send them to twitter. GREAT post- very informative

  • Renato Alves

    Jeff, I think you made a mistake regarding the best day to post, in the report it show that Wednesday and SUNDAY are the best days, not Saturday. 

    Nonetheless very interesting article, it came handy. =)

    • Thanks Renato. It has been corrected 🙂

  • This is such a great post!
    Definitely going to rework VeloCity’s Facebook strategy, thanks so much!


  • Thanks Marylou. It sounds like a very effective campaign 🙂

  • Thanks Pamela for the comment and it sounds like you have found some Facebook inspiration!

    • I’ll chime in with Pamela.  We’ve had much greater success via twitter and have to reorient ourselves towards A/B efforts on FB with the points you’ve mentioned above.  Great post.  Merci Jeff!

  • Great stats – well communicated. Thanks Jeff 🙂

    • Thanks Andrew for your kind comment. 🙂

  • GREAT!!!! Thanks!!!

  • That is a good question!

    • Sue

      Also wondering about destination marketing as well..

    • Sue

      Also wondering about destination marketing as well..

  • Dawn

    This is one of the best articles I’ve read about increasing Fan engagement on Facebook.  Excellent research and great tips.  I will be printing this article for my next meeting with the boss and this just may change some of our marketing strategies!  Thank you! 

  • Becky Joy

    Great post. I appreciate knowing the times and amounts to post. Thank you.

  • I love using the fill in the blank strategy.  Thanks for shedding light on the text only status updates.  Do you feel they are more engaging than a short status accompanied by a relevant picture?

  • Are all of these numbers normalized for number of fans/size of brand/etc.? For instance, when you compare engagement in brands that post 1-4 times to 5+ times, do you account for the fact that larger brands post significantly more often but that engagement(as a ratio of actions/# of Fans) is inversely proportional to the number of fans you have?

    I’ve seen very similar numbers all over the place recently, but it conflicts with impression share research that shows posting more often generates a significantly higher impression share, since ultimately the total quantity of actions is much more important than the percentage of fans who engage with your company.

  • Lindsay Ford

    Those are some really great tips. Some of them I’ve never even thought about like what time of the day is best to post. Great article. 

  • Anonymous

    Very nice article. I strongly agree with all the points mentioned in the
    articles specially the points which state the frequency and length of the
    posts. For us in India, the best time to post is around 11am and 5pm and I believe
    it very much depends on the brand and target audience. I work around a lot of engagement
    driven content and interactive questions and photo updates works best in my


    Kavya Kundalia Bisht

    Social Media Analyst




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  • Would have expected this post to have been updated now you have to ‘promote’ posts…. was hoping what this posts content was about 🙁

  • Harish

    Superb article…… up to the mark 🙂

  • Greàt message. I am sending to my boss for next marketing meetiing.

  • Hi, I work for a ‘social media company’ and I find your research very interesting. I’m not sure if these observations apply only to a certain segment of users or certain parts of the globe..? Because, while most observations remain the same for us in Sri Lanka we have found that “short status updates + relevant/interesting photo” creates the highest engagement (we manage close to 30 different brands). Any thoughts on this Jeff?

  • Lakshmi

    i get more trafic and like . thank you … http://www.facebook.com/MashMediaLive

  • Very good article. Most people have a lot of Facebook friends and are involved with a few fan pages. Their news feeds section can get pretty cluttered so it’s best to have engaging posts and not frequent & spammy ones which people would unsubscribe from in a hurry

  • jakubmach

    Hi Jeff, I like this article. I will take an inspiration to new version of page stats for our ZoomSphere.com. Please be in touch.

  • Hmmm…I agree and disagree. For my full opinion, see the post on our Facebook page. A client of ours pointed out this article, and we dissected it on our Page, if interested: https://www.facebook.com/TalkingFinger/posts/129162087229600

  • Ishav khan

    surely this information will dig out business page to upper position in serp rank

  • Thank you. Clipping this. One of the most informative posts I have read on this topic.

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  • Another great article. I am sharing with my fans. Thank you Jeff.

  • Another great article. I am sharing with my fans. Thank you Jeff.

  • Another great article. I am sharing with my fans. Thank you Jeff.

  • Thanks for the tips Jeff!
    Superb research and great tips and we are on it.
    Thanks a lot,.

  • Great info, how do I get offers on my facebook page. Everyone tells me I should have them, but I don’t. I have tried changing my page type & then changing it back to a local business, but no luck. Any idea when Facebook is rolling this out to all pages?

  • Thanks for the tips Jeff!
    Superb research and great tips and we are on it.
    Thanks a lot,

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    Another great post Jeff, and this one is loaded with some juicy facts and stats

  • This is a great article and excellent research. Thanks for sharing.

  • This is a great article and excellent research. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great article, a lot rings true from our 10K+ business page.

  • Wb

    Nice Articele Jeff!! This will help me to increase fans on my page..

  • Jeff, I reposted your article above on Twitter to make sure my Followers stay well-informed. The Tweet received over 1,200 click-throughs. I’m jealous and excited at the same time—GREAT INFO Jeff–Thanks! -Elana

  • Dear Bullas, thank for your article. I wonder that whether this study could work in everywhere? I want to use it for commercial and business purpose. And I like Tweet, but in my country, people mostly use Facebook. But I think they only use for gossip or trivia

  • fascinating artivle,

  • Written simply and tastefully. It’s pleasant to read. Thank u.

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  • How do these numbers change, especially in the first section, when working with a organization that specializes in events. Does traffic change significantly when you factor in a company that deals with sporting or entertainment, for example? I work with a sporting website, I find that our traffic changes substantially on game days (of course) and I was curious if this was across the board or anecdotal.

  • Jayakrishnan D

    Thanks Jeff…it works, though the pattern could be some variations across the world…We need to keep in mind the general motivation of a fan “what is it there in for me”…

  • Jayakrishnan D

    Thanks Jeff…it works, though the pattern could be some variations across the world…We need to keep in mind the general motivation of a fan “what is it there in for me”…

  • Jeremy Lindstrom

    Thank you for the well-researched information. We’ll see how these apply to non-retail and smaller businesses.

  • Paul

    I’ve found that what you post depends on how users react. Yes, a fill-in-the-blank leaves more responses & high first handed engagement, but it’s not shared. When a photo is shared, it can be REshared & their reshares can get more responses that tie into your name.

    This doesn’t include the (reshare) stats.

  • lee

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    thanks going to try it now

  • i see this post with 250.000 shares https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10200089440232171

  • Jeff, are your insights specific to retail or do you think they apply in general ?
    As to post type: My experience so far is that posts with pictures get higher engagement than just text posts, although that might be a specific to my particular kind of business. However, as far as I understand FB’s edge rank favors pictures, videos, links etc. over pure text posts. Can you confirm that ?

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  • Just curios, where does the statistical data come from on these points? I especially am interested in number 7. Creating easy posts with high engagement is a real priority when dealing with a large volume of pages to maintain.

  • Great post. So many companies simply post on Facebook but as you have written here there are so many creative ways to reinvigorate your fan base. Interesting to see how it does play out on mobile.

  • The article is great, but… I did few researches on the relation between post type and engagement and I strongly disagree with your results. Posts with pictures and videos (usually funny) are far way engaging than simple text post when it comes to brands.

    • Stephen

      It seems to depend on the demographic of viewers. For my company young adults typically engage better with simpler posts, whereas older adults respond better to pictures and videos.

  • Very informative. Thank you.

  • Swati Singh

    thanks for sharing these points they are quiet informative, especially about posting the article at appropriate time and days

  • I’m overwhelmed by all of the different studies and conflicting opinions on the subject, but this article is going to help me to better focus on my FB campaign.

  • Great information. We have been using these tips for awhile and they work. Thank you Jeff for the awesome visual content.

  • Vishal .

    Great article, Jeff… Very insightful. Any research like this for Twitter which brands can leverage?

  • Beauty Sense

    Thanks for sharing all your tips – there’s so much info out there on how to increase engagement in social media. Our experience definitely backs up the points you make about frequency of posting, length of posts and asking questions (although we recently read that if you ask the question at the end of your post rather than the beginning, you’ll get 30% higher engagement). We’re still experimenting with what days/time get the highest engagement from our audience and rely on our Facebook insights for that. Thanks for the info about what key words work best, we’ve tried a few but not ‘$ off’ so that will be next! You’ve given us heaps of new ideas to try out, so THANK YOU!

    If you’re interested, you can check out all our social media accounts from our website at http://beautysensemargate.com.au/ Would love to hear any feedback or tips anyone else has 🙂

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  • Arun VM

    Thanks a lot Jeff, its an interesting article. Am working in an interactive agency in India @ Kochi. But my doubt is, yesterday i have published two posts at 3pm and 6pm. But i have get more reach to the 3pm one and very lesser to 6pm. Why its happening like this?

  • Brilliant, you explain which needs to be understood in this competitive environment. Every point & line have strong effect over the reader of this blog, Thanks for sharing.


  • I think there is a chicken and egg issue with posts that include links because it doesn’t take into account what Facebook is willing to put into the newsfeed.

  • Alex Cisneros

    Thanks for the insight… I have found that current events can also help with customer engagement. Try not to be too political, rather, just be aware. For example, I recently made a post regarding the World Cup…. that seemed to do well.

  • Ryan heidt

    What website developer did you use to create this blog? WordPress or Wix? I’m very interested. I love this layout and the engagement you have created with your readers. Great job!

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  • Very insightful comments, Simply and succinctly put, too. I hope you didn’t beat yourself up over your mistakes, because I learned some similar lessons in starting my own company, even though I already had 20 years experience in the industry

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  • thanks for sharing these points. The points are very important. i use these tips in my personal profile.

    Pine Exporters

  • Had a great read! Thanks for these tips Jeff!

    If you guys want to increase fan engagement on facebook easily, try buyrealmarketing

  • Very good insights Jeff, but are you talking about a specific industry/market or observations in general …if one is promoting one’s business and offering services that will take a customer’s business fwd then what are ur suggestions?

  • Chen Glnovia

    Very good and technical article .thanks

  • Vahagn Aydinyan

    When giving a percentages it is better to give an info whether what audience does it concern. Does Asian audience react to the posts in a same way as Hispanic one? There is neither gender related info (which is very important) nor other demographic data. At least some resources must be mentioned.

  • These will really useful to the user.

  • dude

    I’ve seen small businesses struggle with social media content many times. Not every business has a dedicated marketer working full-time, especially if it’s local, small-scale shop or cafe or whatever. It’s even harder if your in the business of selling something like LED bulbs or something like that.

    I also see many site and platforms that offer help (at a price, of course). I’ve used one. Those sites are especially helpful if you have many pages to manage or just don’t have the time to check Facebook, then Twitter, the LinkedIn, then Pinterest, then Google Plus, then Instagram…. The platform I used, though, also offers stock posts, which are great for business owners who just want to post something cool and be on their way. And it’s helpful if they want to schedule a few days or weeks or months in-advance too. It’s called Capzool, and it’s worth a look!

  • Audrey D. Lucas

    Hi Jeff, you mention that the most engaging action is to change the status. But does this create a strong bonding with the person or a brand? Maybe some contents with less immediate engagement can still be more favorable on the long term. Happy to hear your point of view.

  • lemurleap

    I would say most of this backs up what we have found to be true but would disagree that status-only posts give us higher engagement. I see better engagement with a photo.

  • Princy Saxena

    I think about whether there is information that covers the Entertainment Industry i.e. driving individuals to shows/parody and so forth? Alternately does everything fall under RETAIL?

  • Princy Saxena

    Much obliged to you for the all around inquired about data. We’ll perceive how these apply to non-retail and littler organizations.

  • To increase the engagement make a social media marketing strategy is very important such as how making a Facebook post to get more engaged. As well as what time to update the post.

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