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20 Twitter Facts and Statistics You Need to Know in 2014

20 Twitter Facts and Statistics You Need to Know in 2014

What first attracted me to Twitter and social media six years ago was that you could achieve world wide marketing for free. It’s called organic reach. This enabled bloggers to build global brands.

That is changing.

In 2014 we are seeing the rapid emergence of “pay to play” to reach your followers. So a question needs to be asked.

Is the social media “free lunch” over?

That also leads to another question. Is social going the way of mass media where the only way to gain attention is to pull out the cheque book?

The answer is much more complex than that. It is dependent on many factors including your choice of social networks, tactics and tools.

Is Twitter’s organic reach going to disappear too?

Facebook is pushing the comfort boundaries of organic reach.

That was shown by reader’s reactions to a post I wrote on”Why You Should Forget Facebook” which saw nearly over 270,000 views and nearly 1,000 comments when posted on LinkedIn.

For Twitter  though the filtering is not an option as it is a news breaking social network. Applying filtering algorithms to it’s stream will take away its meaning for existence and continuing evolution.

You only have to look at its latest hiring trends that are mass media and television centric to realise that Twitter is pushing towards the integration of television, social and mass media.

That focused strategy by Twitter management to make mass media and social work together is maybe one of the reasons that its latest quarter two results that exceeded every analysts expectations. The World Cup marketing coup by Twitter was evidence of that successful and ongoing evolution.

I don’t expect Twitter’s organic reach to disappear as it has too much to lose if it takes the Facebook path. It’s not in its DNA.

Twitter facts and statistics

Below are some surprising facts and statistics that show Twitter is on the path to successfully reinventing itself.

1. There was a 24% increase in monthly active users (MAU) over the last 4 quarters with the total now at 271 million.

2. Twitter has added 53 million users in the last 12 months

3. Twitter’s monthly mobile users now total 211 million, which is a gain of 29%

4. 81% of Twitter’s advertising revenue came from mobile ads

5. Increase in sales is up 124% from a year ago at $312 million compared to $139.3 million in second quarter of 2013

6. Twitter expects to have revenue of between $330 and $340 million in the third quarter of 2014

7. Twitter is growing the fastest in Asia Pacific with expectations it will increase its user base by more than 33% in 2014 according to eMarketer

In addition to a reliable distribution partner, a second critical element to our prelaunch campaign was customer support. We used—and continue to use—a platform called Zendesk to manage tickets from customers. We had fully a functioning customer support operation where customers could contact us via e-mail, phone, Twitter, Facebook, and even text message. On our first day in business, we had literally everyone on our small team manning Zendesk and replying to inbound tickets.

Source: eMarketer

8. Twitter penetration rates in Asia Pacific stand at 19.8% for Japan, 18.3% for for Indonesia and 12.2% in Australia

9. Twitter penetration rates in the USA stand at 27.9% of all social networks users, 19.2% of internet users and 15.2% of the total population

10. In the USA the number of Adult Twitter users is estimated at 34.7 million

11. Timeline views reached 173 billion for the the second quarter of 2014

12. Twitter is currently valued at $27.3 billion which is 200 times forward earnings compared to Facebook at 39.4 times

13. During the World Cup there were 672 million tweets

14. Germany’s defeat of Argentina in the final generated 618,000 tweets per second

15. There were 32.1 million Tweets during the World Cup final



16.  The previous record for an event was the Superbowl, and that received 24.9 million tweets

17. Twitter spends more than its competitors on stock based compensation as a percentage of revenue on its employees at $158 million (50.29%) compared to Facebook (10.9%) and LinkedIn (14.3%)

Twitter facts and figures

18. Advertising revenue per thousand timeline views reached $1.60 in the second quarter of 2014 which is an increase of 100% over the last year

19. Katy Perry has the most Twitter followers currently at over 55 million followed by Justin Bieber (53 million) and Barack Obama (44 million)

20. Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks than those without

What about you?

What facts and figures surprised you? Did you think Twitter was declining or growing? Do you think you should be using Twitter more for your marketing and brand awareness?

Look forward to your insights and feedback in the comments below.

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  • What’s surprised me the most is how well hashtags work on Twitter. You really can find out where the conversations are happening around your topic.

    • Jeff Bullas

      Yes the hashtags are the glue that allow that categorization especially on Twitter

  • Michelle Bishop

    Hi Jeff,
    It was great to see the twitter penetration rates for Asia pacific. We are seeing integration across all media here, and keep in mind our TV is free to air. It is reassuring to know that filters aren’t a likely evolution for twitter. One frustration many people have is that when they tweet photos they come up as a link rather thank image. It would be great if future twitter improvements could address this.

    • They are also predicting that Asia Pacific will be the largest market for Twitter!

  • Twitter will see huge growth in user base in India over coming years… Currently FB is leading the pack

  • I think it’s interesting when people use the concept of organic reach to compare Facebook and twitter.

    You cannot measure organic reach on twitter, but common sense dictates it is a tiny fraction of organic reach on Facebook because of the way tweets stream.

    The whole Facebook Zero fuss is because there is no way people can see every Facebook status update that the pages they have liked publish, there just isn’t enough time for someone to read it all. And this with people tending to like pages in the number of the low 100s.

    Instead, take twitter where people can follow 100s or 1000s of accounts. Unless you read every tweet, you will only ever see what gets tweeted at the right time for you.

    The only way to get around it is to hope that you get regular retweets (just as Facebook pages hope for shares and likes) or use paid advertising.

    So twitter don’t need to apply filters like Facebook, because the passing of time does it for them.

    The same problems exist on both platforms – you cannot just broadcast, you need quality content and engagement – the free twitter lunch is just as over as the free Facebook lunch.

  • irclay444