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5 Steps to Optimize Your Email For Social Media

Email and Social Media

Email and Social Media

The popularity of  social media has not reduced the need to to have an email marketing plan as part of your Internet marketing strategy, but there does need to be a reassessment of how you  integrate and optimize the strengths of each of these 2 internet mediums as part of  your marketing planning.   

It’s no secret that email marketing is an effective and inexpensive lead generation channel. But while email is effective, it is limited by the size of your email list. This may sound obvious and unexceptional, but social media does not experience the same limitation.

Whereas with email, your reach is equal to your list size, with social media, your reach is equal to your followers, fans, subscribers plus all of their connections, which gives your campaigns more leverage through people consuming and sharing content.

If an update is placed in a Facebook page, all your friends see that update and comment on it and then share it with their friends. If you post a blog post on Twitter then your followers retweet it ( send it onto their followers as a broadcast) this multiplies and leverages  your content in a way that a standard email cannot achieve as it is only seen by 1 person.

In essence, social media gives leverage to your content to expand your reach beyond your existing database. Now, how can you leverage social media from your email marketing?

What are the 5 Steps that Hubspot says need to be taken to optimize your email for Social Media.

Step 1: Figure out which social media sites your customers and potential customers use. Whether you believe it or not, your customers are online talking about you and your industry. Figure out which sites they use the most. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great places to start for most businesses.

Step 2: Set up profiles on each of these websites. It’s free and just requires your time. And, it’s best to reserve your company name on all these sites immediately , before someone else takes them.

Step 3: Add links in your emails to follow or subscribe to your social media profiles. The people already subscribing to your emails are great candidates for following you in social media, you just need to let them know that you’re there. Social media also gets a leg up on email in that an email address may not stick with someone as they move from one job to another, but social media profiles and subscriptions will.

Step 4: Add links in your emails to post your content to these social media sites. Make it easy for your recipients to share the content with their networks on these social media sites.

Step 5: Integrate social media at all stages of the communication. Follow the user from the email to the landing page and conversion.

3 Typical Results when Integrating and Optimizing Social Media with Email Campaigns

  1. An increase the number of mentions in social media
  2. The number of subscribers to our social media profiles will rise and
  3. A jump in the amount of traffic and leads from social media sites (for this lead generation type of content) due to that buzz on these sites.

So don’t ditch the email marketing, keep fine tuning and tweaking your marketing to utilize the latest web technologies to leverage your marketing strategies.

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  • Jeff,

    Great info. I just entered the social media arena and have found your information to be very useful in getting me started. My niche is in the electronic payment processing arena so I’m formulating my SM strategy.

    Look forward to learning more from you

  • Thank you for sharing these ideas. You’ve given me some ideas on how to better connect with my coworkers who may be using social media on their own. I will add my Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn info to my email signature and business cards at work in addition to my personal email & cards.

    Thanks again for sharing!

  • Jeff, a great tool for adding social-media links and links to blog posts to email signatures is wisestamp – it’s mainly for web-based email and is available as a free extension for Firefox, Chrome, Flock and Thunderbird


  • It is a good idea Jeff, I have done it and it does work.

  • Jeff, I love your blog. It’s always filled with best practices and information that we (marketers) can put to use.

    I wanted to make sure to let you know that I appreciate it.


  • Myra Davis

    This is really good article and thank you for sharing.

  • Absolutely on target! With so many directions to go it’s good to put first things first and KNOW who your target audience is and then come up with a Social Media Plan. Thanks for the great information.

    Anita G. Wheeler
    Millionaire Mindset Strategist

  • Its amazing article…thank 4 that

  • As always, great info, Jeff. Our digital marketing team at INgage Networks would also say that adding social media icons to PPC landing pages is also a best practice. 😉

    Thanks for sharing,

  • You are so right, Jeff. Social networks can certainly boost a sites readership. We have had excellent results with Facebook and Twitter. Apart from adding the social media icons to a website it can also help to add your facebook fanpage plugin as well.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Good stuff jeff. Simple but smart. I think the point about making it easy for people is crucial. In an age of busy lives, and for those who are new to technology, we must make it easy for them.

  • Becci – Promotional Products

    This is a GREAT article. Thank you!!!!

  • Great tips Jeff, 
    You should really check out our free http://www.wisestamp.com that will enable you to easily add all your social profiles and much more…Latest blog post, Twitter tweet, Facebook page..etc
    You should check it out!
    Josh @Wisestamp 

  • Thank you for pointing out that social media needs to be integrated into email marketing. I have found that http://www.wisestamp.com does a great job at this. This extension attaches your latest blog post, Facebook and Twitter updates to all outgoing emails. I don’t work for WiseStamp but I would root for them any day. I am still looking for other ways that make this integration even easier and seamless. Anyone with ideas?