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An Insight into Facebook Marketing – Infographic

So what is happening with Facebook Marketing?

Facebook has become the default social network to focus your promotion efforts on when it comes to marketing on social media.An Insight into Facebook Marketing - Infographic

In fact Facebook is now the single largest publisher of all US display ad impressions.

It delivers 28 percent of all display ad impression which is more than Yahoo, Microsoft, Google and AOL combined!

This popularity doesn’t come cheap and Facebook has admitted according to Bloomberg,  to increasing its advertising rates on its self service ads by 40 percent during 2011.

Online to Exceed Print Advertising in 2012

Businesses are realizing that the opportunities to grow are truly online. In 2012  eMarketer predicts that online advertising will exceed spending on print advertising for the first time.

  • Online advertising in 2012 $39.5 billion
  • Print advertising in 2012 $36.5 billion

By 2016 the projection is $62 billion for online and $32.3 billion for print.

So it is not a good time to be owning a printing business!

Two Key Types of Facebook Marketing

Essentially there are two types of marketing on Facebook

1. Free

You  post great content  to your business Facebook page and make it the social portal for your brand. You can run competitions and perform surveys. It is all about engaging with your audience. It is free in the sense that you don’t have to pay Facebook to advertise. It is not really free because someone has to find, source or create the content. This takes time and as we all know “Time is money”, especially if you are paying them wages!

This marketing is essentially organic and it does take time to build a loyal tribe of fans and you need to persist and be patient.

2. Paid

Now we all like something for free but sometimes you need to pull the wallet or purse out and put your money on the table. If you want to  accelerate your presence online, paid marketing is your catalyst to building an online presence and brand fast.

Facebook’s self serving advertising platform is easy to use and is able to be capped on spend and time.

Insight into Facebook Marketing

Source: SocialMarketerTraining.com

What About You?

So how are you using Facebook for your marketing?

Are you focusing your efforts on the organic free level or are you spending some money accelerating your results?

Look forward to hearing your stories.

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