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Google+ Hits 25 Million Users in Less than One Month

Records were made to be broken. The Guinness World Records publishes an annual bible documenting all sorts of  amazing feats from the fastest pie eater in the world to the quickest man on a bike.Google+ Hits 25 Million Users in Less Than One Month

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They even published a recent article on their website highlighting 10 social media world records

These included

  • The fastest person to reach 1 million Twitter followers – Charlie Sheen in 25 hours and 15 minutes
  • Most Followers in Twitter – Lady Gaga with over 12 million followers
  • Most Likes on a Faceboook Page – Facebook currently holds this record with nearly 50 million ‘likes’

Google+ Sets Social Network Records

The one record that was not published (due to the fact it didn’t publicly exist then) was Google+ as the fastest social network to reach 10 million users at 16 days. (Facebook took 852 days to reach that mark and Twitter did it in 780 days)

Google+ reaches 10 million users in 16 days

Thanks for the image Leon Haland

Since that record was set Google+ has pushed on and it has recently been announced that it has now reached 25 million users on July 24 according to Andrew Lipsman from the tracking firm comScore when speaking on a panel hosted by Wedbush securities. This is only 27 days since the Google+ launch on June 28.

More Google+ Facts and Figures

In its first 21 days on July 19, Google+ had about 20 million users. This represents

  • An increase of 82% from the previous week
  • 561% increase from 2 weeks prior
  • US audience passed 5 million visitors up 81% from the previous week and 723% from two weeks earlier

This is extraordinary growth partly driven by Google’s 1 billion users on its on-line and mobile properties that include YouTube, Android and Gmail as well as having a design and user interface that Apple would love!

Google+ Top 10 Countries

This growth has not been restricted to the US but has included countries such as India with 2.8 million visitors and the UK with 866,000 users

Google+ Hits 25 Million Users

The US has always been an early adopter especially of home grown technologies

Where are the Google+ Women?

After an initial scare that Google+ may have been a male only domain with early figures suggesting a large gender gap with 90% male dominance, the latest figures show a healthier demographic of 63% men and 37% women. On the age demographic it is certainly appealing strongly to the younger crowd with a vibrant showing in the 25-34 age group and the 18-24 age brackets.

Google+ demographic age and gender

Also according to comScore the number of average usage days has increased by 30% indicating that the network effect is starting to take hold as the Google+ network begins to populate in a global village square that has activity and buzz.

The next 12 months will be fascinating to watch, to see how and if it effects Facebook’s growth.

Will Google+ do to Facebook what Facebook did to MySpace?

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