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How to Increase Your Google+ Followers

Bloggers and marketers are always aiming to weave magic by placing their brand in front of as many people as possible without having to show up.How to Grow your Google Plus Circle Followers

That is why I like video marketing and blogging because after you have recorded or written it and then uploaded it, your presence whether it is on video or in the written word continues to be read or viewed while you sleep all around this social and intriguing web world.

The online videos educate while you snooze and the blog articles inform while you nap… that is what I call efficiency and leverage!

Social Networks such as Facebook and the fast rising Google+ (which is projected to reach 20 million users by this weekend) provide platforms to leverage your content and spread your brand.

How to Make your Ideas and Content Spread

I added the Facebook social plugin to my blog a few months ago and it created a significant increase to the number of Facebook likes (or fans) for my Facebook ‘page’. In fact the plugin increased it by 1,000% over 4 weeks (read the post here)

Increasing your Facebook likes is great to make your content spread because after they have ‘liked’ your Facebook page, your posts when published to Facebook, will appear in their Facebook updates where they can then click on the link and visit your blog.

Add People to Google+ While you Sleep

The new Google+ social network has a similar feature so when people add you to their circle, your Google+ updates (such as your latest blog post or news with a link) will appear in their Google+ stream and will drive traffic to your blog.

What if you had a simple tool that made it easy for people to add ‘you‘ to their Google+ circles and they didn’t have to actually go to their Google+ account to do that?

Well the Tech gurus have been programming (while you slept) and have created a WordPress Plugin that allows people to add themselves to your Google+ followers and put you in their circles.

It is called the Google+ card by plusdevs.

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How To Install it on Your Blog

The easiest way to install this is to follow these steps

Step 1.  Go to Plugins Section of your WordPress Blog

Step 2. Click on “Add New”

Step 3. In your “Install Plugins” section enter “Google+ Cards” into the search box

Step 4. Click on “Install Now”

Step 5. Click on “Activate Now”

Step 6. Go to your Widgets section of your WordPress blog

Step 7. Drag it to where you want it on your sidebar

Step 8. Edit the Title

Step 9. Go to your Google+ Profile and copy your 21 digit Google+ ID number (it will be part of the URL)

Step 10. Click on “Save” and it should appear on your WordPress Blog

Note: You may notice a difference in the numbers of people that have included you in their circles as counted in the plugin and your own “circles” numbers, but I believe that is a Google+ glitch that will be corrected over time.

The growth of Google+ is something that marketers and bloggers will need to continue to optimize as it will drive traffic to your sites.

In the last 24 hours Google+ has referred 38% as much traffic as my Facebook page after only being on Google+ for 2 weeks.

I look forward to hearing your stories.

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  • Is this aimed at those who are promoting their “personal brand” rather than businesses? Only as far as I was aware Google had advised businesses to hang fire on setting up Google+ accounts as they will be rolling out a dedicated Google+ business profiles that will link with Adwords and other Google business services.

    • Thanks for the comment Nat. Yes, there is a Google+ for business that will rolled out but at the moment for personal brands such as mine or Chris Brogan and others this will be a legal place to play. I will also create a business presence for JeffBullas.com once the Google+ enterprise profile arrives.

  • Excellent Advice as usual Jeff. Thanks. I’ll let you know what the impact is.

    • I look forward to your 2 page report 🙂

  • Cool, thanks for sharing the plug in. Will need to install it for sure!

    • It looks like a few have already installed it!

  • Anonymous

    Just don’t look at it with Internet Explorer 😉

  • I just started with Google+, but I’m glad to know there is a plugin already available.  Thanks for the information.

  • Jeff, great information.  I’m just starting my Google+ and looking for all the information I can get.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Hanisha

    Hi jeff. its just the thing i have been looking for. Thanks for that.. But when i did do a search for google+ cards it brings up a whole random bunch of plugins. And when i searched for the author it said ‘No plugins match your request.’ Any clue y it has done that?

  • Rob

    Hi Jeff

    This is great information – I am off to check out the Google+ plugin for our blog.

  • This is a great idea. But on my blog I just get a message: “Couldn’t get data from google+. I copied and pasted my profile number in to the widget interface a couple times. Still get the message. Any ideas?

  • Even you can copy paste the code from http://widgetsplus.com/ into an HTML element in your WordPress Sidebar

  •  Very informative! This article answered several questions I had on Google+! Keep up the good work!

  • Ciao Jeff
    there’s a similar plugin even for Blogspot
    (you remember that unfortunately I am still on Blogger!) 
    I have increased the number of followers on GG+ thanks to that button 🙂

  • Hey Jeff,
    I notice that the add to circles box is now missing from your sidebar. I see the Google Stats widget but not the one featured in the post. Would you have time to share a quick update on that? 

    Hope so as I value your opinion and I’m sure others would too.

  • Nyzoli

    Simple but very helpful tips…

  • Adding plugins on blogs is really helpful to increase social presence for you and your blog also .

    I love the tip you said @jeffbullas:disqus >Use plugins at right side.

    Because the visibility map shows people have look at upper right side with ease ..

  • I’m having the same issue. When I search for Google+ Cards, it pulls up a lot of plugins, but not this one.

  • hgustaaf@ymail.com

    There are two ways :
    1. Add people as much as you can in your circle patiently
    2. Wait till there are some account that sell promote account service like on twitter. in other words you must pay for it