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How A Strategic Marketer Uses the Buffer Social Media Sharing Tool

We all love to Tweet, Like & Share. It’s the modern meaning of SOCIALism, and today we can connect with just about anybody. Hell, I could send President Obama a Tweet right now and feel special. Sure, he wouldn’t read it, and I’m under no illusion that an employee takes ‘care’ of things.How a Straegic Marketer uses Buffer

That doesn’t matter, though. The means of connection is still there.

So it makes sense that I hold Social Media in high regard. As a modern day Strategic Marketer, I live by the rule of Creative Thinking + Strategic Thinking = 21st Century Success. I live by this notion so much that I wrote a Free, and very short Ebook called What Is Strategic Marketing.

I love this balance of flair and rationale, but there are so many pitfalls that come with it. This is where the Buffer app (which is a tool that automatically publishes tweets at the best time of the day to reach the largest audience; also read: Buffer vs Hootsuite) comes to save the day. This is a story about how a Strategic Marketer uses Buffer to make his life easier…

The Problem

The biggest issue I face, like so many, is time…or should I say, lack of.

I love Twitter, but I can’t spend all day on it. I also love sharing content I come across, but again, I haven’t hour after hour to search the web and read. I have work to do, actual things that pay the bills and allow me to buy food.

So I spend 30 minutes here and there. On an average day I share about 20 articles and Tweet a few dozen times. The only issue is, all this will occur in short bursts.

I’ll have 20 Tweets come up in the space of 20 minutes, and then nothing for six hours. This is a terrible way to communicate.

Why This Is Bad

It’s all about impact.

First of all, having 20 Tweets show up in the space of five minutes makes me look like a spammer. This isn’t an image I wish to get and is very important to me.

Secondly, I only reach a small percentage of my followers. I live in England, but many of my followers live in America and Australia and Asia. There are time differences, and therefore a good time in Europe might be a terrible in China.

If a woman has 10,000 followers, she may only reach a few hundred of them at any given time. If she Tweets everything in one go, her reach is small. If she spreads them out instead, her reach grows.

This isn’t Rocket Science!

How A Strategic Marketer Uses Buffer

This is where the value of Buffer comes in. Lets face it, I don’t have to tell you as you’re already a Buffer fan. You know the value it brings. You know it saves time and offers impact.

However, you might not use it like a Strategic Marketer. If not, you may learn a thing or two:

To Spread My Shares

As I say, I love to share links on Twitter. One of my Core Values is Here To Share, and Twitter plays a large part in this. Buffer, an even greater one.

My Buffer schedule is set to share Tweets every hour, and during peak times (3pm – 6pm GMT) this increase to five times per hour. Therefore every time I add a new link to Buffer, I know it’s going to reach new people. It spreads my reach and gives my followers an incentive to check my news feed.

They know the shares are there, and just because they missed it once, doesn’t mean they won’t get a reminder soon.

To Improve My Impact

As well as sharing other peoples content, I create my own. If I was to Tweet it just once, my impact would be low. This isn’t good. Not good at all.

However, if I place my own messages in the middle of all the other messages I send, well, my reach increases.

As a general rule I share 3 or 4 links, then head to my own site and add one of my own posts. All of a sudden I increase my chances of being seen by people, but do it in a way that doesn’t come across as needy. I hate it when people only Tweet about themselves, as I’m sure you do too, but the occasional selfish act is fine.

Buffer allows me to be selfless and selfish all at the same time. How great is that?

To Maximise Measurement

As a Strategic Marketer, measuring things is important. I not only want to know my Tweets are going out, but whats happening to them afterwards. Buffer offers some simple analytics to show me how many clicks a particular message gets, and if it gets Retweeted, etc.

This isn’t what really interests me, though. Oh no, it’s the ability to link Buffer with other services…in my case, with Bitly

First of all, using Buffer means any links I share get shortened. This means more space to write great content. This is called WINNING.

Secondly, Bitly follows the bigger picture. It tells me how many shares a particular links gets, not just showing the reach from me, but the larger population, too. This is great for monitoring trends and taking your communications to new levels.

Buffer Is Awesome

This how a Strategic Marketer uses Buffer. This is why Buffer is awesome. It lets me be the best Marketer I can be.

How do you use Buffer?

Does it save your life like it does mine?

I’d love to hear your story…

Guest Author: Matthew Turner (aka @turndog_million) is a Strategic Marketing Consultant & Author. With a variety of services to help Businesses create and manage Brand Positioning. With a passion to balance Strategic & Creative Thinking, his Free Ebook What Is Strategic Marketing can help Businesses embrace the modern world. You can download this Ebook here 

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  • Big thanks to Jeff for this Guest Post. Would love to hear other people’s thoughts on Buffer.

    Matthew (Turndog Millionaire)

  • Thanks Eduardo for the contribution to the conversation. Hope this article provides some insights to help you in that journey

  • This
    is a wonderful post on the advantages of Buffer..Thanks for sharing.

  • Absolutely. Twitter is just a channel, ut’s the message that matters. By placing it in front of the right people, at the right time, well, you take things to new levels.

    Interesting thoughts for the pizza company, too. I can imagine different days would require different times, too. Saturday night for example might be a little later as people settle in for a night in front of the TV

    Whereas on a Tuesday it might need to be earlier as you have dinner with the family

    Matthew (Turndog Millionaire)

  • Hi Roy, if you are new to Social Media I would recommend Buffer. It basically allows you to schedule your Tweets (and Facebook Posts, too).

    so, lets say you wake up at 8am, read 5 great Blog Posts and want to share them all on Twitter. Buffer allows you to schedule them so you send one Tweet every 40 minutes (or whatever time you decide), thus spreading things out.

    Much better than sending 5 Tweets in the space of 30 seconds 🙂


    take a look for yourself. It’s a real time saver and a great marketing tool for new or old Twitter users alike

    Hope this helps and all the best

    Matthew (Turndog Millionaire)

  • Thanks, glad you enjoyed the post

    Matthew (Turndog Millionaire)

  • I love Buffer. One of my big problems is that I keep very different hours than most of my followers. I use SocialBro to track when I am most likely to reach people, and then use that info to give me a good ‘sharing window’ And you can even export the lovely SocialBro info into Buffer!

    I also like that you can email in you shares to Buffer. I often spend time in the evening catching up on interesting reading via Zite (sweet teachable agrigator app or the iPad) and buffer recognizes the email format it sends. So I can easily share great stuff I find.

    • Absolutely, the global world makes certain things hard. I tried Social Bro a while back, but think I may give it another go. didn’t know it could link in with Buffer. Plus it has a dashboard version now, which is good. Will this pip Tweetdeck??

      Can you schedule tweets in Social Bro? For a specific time?

      Matthew (Turndog Millionaire)

  • Melanie

    Thanks for the info on Buffer, it is amazing (and addicting)!

    I signed up right away.


  • I wrote a blog post about Buffer on my blog. I love using Buffer and it gives me the chance to manage my Twitter account more accurately: alierkurt.com/buffer-crowdbooster-twitter

  • mbredl

    I am using Buffer and I am thinking to upgrade so I am able to buffer more than 10 messages.

    • I think I will dig into the pockets one day, too. I don’t come across the limit too often, but it’s happened a few times in the last few weeks.

      Plus they’re a savvy brand, which I’m always happy to put some dollars to one side for 🙂

      Matthew (Turndog Millionaire)

  • i use Hootsuite. Is it not the same or is Buffer better?

    • Buffer is more for just ensuring Tweets go out at the best times. Hootsuite is more a deck for monitoring and managing your Twitter streams from friends and interests.

    • As Jeff says. I use Tweet deck personally. Sometimes to schedule a particular post for a particular time slot, and other times to monitor certain discussions. It’s always on in the background though

      Matthew (Turndog Millionaire)

      • I have tested both Hootsuite’s auto-schedule (released 8/12) and Buffer. I can’t say definitively whether one service is better at scheduling than the other, but I can say that through the iOS app, Reeder integration, web snippet and add to buffer email address, Buffer is “in more places that you want to be.” I’m curious if anyone has other thoughts about Hootsuite’s auto-schedule.

  • I enjoy Buffer too, but find that it makes it too easy to post the same content to all my social profiles, which I know isn’t the best approach. So I mostly use it for Twitter, and then do FB and Linked in real time. Also, the iPad app is not great and doesn’t allow for photos, the most recent feature added.

  • LorenzoFontana

    Hi i attached this post as a to complete my review of buffer, here http://fontanalorenzo.it/various/schedule-tweets-with-buffer.html

  • I love that I can add things to other’s RT’s like ” this was awesome ” Or ” I agree” makes me feel more a part of the conversation and yes I use Buffer and love it!

  • Hi Matthew – nice review. Summarises the beauty of Buffer. It is simple, and the basic analytics a re great way to monitor who is engaging with your tweets. I just have the free version, and just spend 10 minutes each morning putting the tweets that I want to post in my buffer. I also interact dynamically aswell, so these Biuffer’s tweets are just extra tweets, pointing to my blog articles I am promoting at that time.

    In addition – you can promote Buffer as an affiliate, and anyone else who signs up for Buffer, gains you an extra tweet in your buffer!

  • Jeff,
    Buffer is really an innovative app, especially for those who like to schedule their tweets strategically. I am a big believer of real-time engagement/posts. I sometimes want to automate my Twitter, especially sometimes I want to schedule my tweets but personally I don’t like it. Maybe it can increase my market exposure, follower base. But, can you take the time to write something really potential and innovative about “Virtual Assistant” step by step guide?

  • Ha! I actually started using Buffer a few weeks ago. Comes in REALLY handy because I like to post things at very specific hours but I lose track of time if left to my own devices. Excellent article!

  • Geoffrey Winn

    Just started using it – it only took me 4 days to decide to upgrade to the pro version.