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  • Byron Fernandez

    Love the pup pic Jeff. Looks like one of my dogs, Lucy (schnoodle) 

  • http://www.2writewithpassion.com 2write

    Jeff, I appreciate all your posts overall. You provide excellent value for readers and I thank you for that.  

    However, today’s post, third paragraph, “In fact with the explosion in smart phone usage it has even turned women into “Geeks” as they combine the love of of chat and gossip…” comes across as rather stereotypical to me. Love of chat and gossip?? Ouch, that hurts! Many women do not use social media for chat and gossip anymore than our male counterparts. We see possibilities for communicating in different ways for both business and personal growth.  Just my thoughts on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  :-) And no, I’m not on Goggle+ yet. And yes, I’d like to be and am waiting for an invite.  

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      Thanks for the comment. Offence was never intended and the phrase was meant more “tongue in cheek” than as a serious stereotypical casting of differences between the sexes.
      As for an invite to join and connect on Google+ here is the link to do that :)

      • http://www.2writewithpassion.com 2write

        Hi Jeff, all is forgiven. Your revised wording and new paragraph are great. But be careful, some guys might think you are making stereotypical remarks about them now.  :-)
        And thanks for the Goggle+ invite. That’s awesome! Another opportunity for me to listen, socialize and engage. See you there.

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  • http://twitter.com/stevenelarchive steven wong

    unfortunately now i in Asia (SG), and Google+ has not come in yet

    anyone care to invite me? so I can experiment it? Thanks in advance!

  • vinoth

    Welcome a new member (friends) i invited all of you  

  • Maar7en

    Nice blogpost! The last days i use google plus more than ever and i see much is changing. It’s more interactive than twitter and works well with my blog on blogger. Also made a page for my blog and that was really easy. :)

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