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4 Ways Twitter is Socializing TV

Twitter is part of the changing landscape of communication and marketing that is transforming commerce, mobilizing political movements and spreading news in real time.

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How Twitter is Socializing TV

It is global, it is public, it is private and it is also an enigma.

Apple has embedded Twitter in its latest mobile operating system iOS5 and the “Tweet” now appears in the menu along with email and texting in your new iPad, iPhone and iPod.

The way we view and use mass media such as television is evolving as iPads and mobiles are taking pride of place beside us on the sofa and on the the coffee table.

The Television and the  TV remote now has some electronic competition!

Research shows that 40 percent of iPad usage is done while sitting in front of the TV screen.

The TV experience is becoming more social as viewers tweet and respond to talk shows, news and reality TV.

TV is No Longer a One Way Passive Experience

It was only last night as I watched 60 minutes, that the Twitter mention and hashtag caught my attention. TV producers are starting to realize that people are now wanting to participate and interact with shows and engage in the conversation.

So how are we interacting?

1. TV stars Live Tweeting

This can give you a behind the scenes glimpse into what’s happening on your screen

A Tweet from the series “The Closer”

Tweet from Kyra Sedgwick from the series The Closer

2. #HashTags that Organise the Conversation

HashTags allow people to view in one place, conversations that are happening about a show as it is live.

Hashtags from Big Bang Theory

3. Twitter Lets You Become a Critic

Creators and producers search Twitter for feedback and have even been known to revise a storyline based on Twitter feedback.

4. Tweets as a Call to Action

Gabi from MTV used a Tweet to call for people to follow her. It can also be used as a call to action to vote.

Tweets used as a call to action

What Can We Learn from TV’s Use of  Twitter?

Steve Jobs before he died was apparently working on simplifying and integrating TV into the the whole media experience but for the moment the socializing of TV is not an Apple controlled ecosystem.

So what can TV teach us about how your business can use Twitter?

  • Companies and brands can use Twitter to provide valuable feedback from their customers and prospects
  • Twitter can be used to organise conversations at expos, conferences and presentations
  • It can assist in humanizing the brand that reveals the human side of the organisation
  • Twitter can include calls to action that ask people to buy, inquire or make booking

How do you use Twitter for your brand?

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